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As expected of Argent! And the soundtracks are amazing everytime.

Hi! My name is Eli and just recently I discovered your game on Google play. It wasn't until I was looking for a walkthrough for franz route that I discovered there was an 18+ scene etc. I was wondering how can I acquire this? I tried downloading the demo patch but it would not let me. Do I need to re-buy the game all over to get these scenes?

18+ version is only available through purchases here, unfortunately, so you would need to buy the game again to access them.


Enjoyed the demo a bunch and, when I get the chance will be buying the full version.The art is great and, I really loved the background music as, it ties in well with the theme of the game. The voice actors were well played and, unique which really helped boost the atmosphere of the game.


After meeting Linnaeus this error message shows up. What could I do? I'am using

Could you try downloading the game again? It sounds like not all the files were downloaded properly o_o

I'll try. Thanks ^^!


I tried it twice, even downloading it out of  but it happens again.

The 2 times I download it I installed the Patch 18, and when moving the file "script.rar" always asked me to exchange it instead the file w the same name in "game" carpet. Maybe this has somethingto do with?

I'll try playing the game without the Patch 18.

Let us know if it works without the patch. If it does, then something is being deleted improperly when you apply the patch.

I can't get the patch for the R18 to work. I keep getting network failed or Forbidden error issues with the download and I have tried it on multiple systems. is there another way or site I may attempt this? 

Can you try this?


I just finished watching people play Red Embrace and congratulations! You guys made another awesome game. I someday hope to turn my own stories into games or books ( I do write yaoi romance), you guys are my inspiration!

We currently have a call for writers open (though we may close it soon), and we hope you'll apply if that's something you'd like to pursue!


Goodness that would be awesome! Unfortunately I'm not quite an adult yet, so I'm not sure I could.  I've been thinking, however, looking into learning how to make visual novels. I think it would be a great experience, so I'll check that out. But I think it would be so cool to write for you guys! I'm not a professional or anything, writing's just something I do for fun. I guess now it's become a full time hobby, though

Let us know if you need any help with making VNs!  We have a dedicated channel in our Discord to general gamedev and helping others out^^

I've been watching people play this game, and have fallen in love! But it is simply too expensive for me. That is why I have this question: is it possible to get a game key? And if so, what would I need to do to get it? It's alright if I can't, it was just a thought  I had.

We'll be holding a raffle soon since we just hit 1010 Twitter followers!

Well darn. I don't own Twitter. Thank you though! I really like your games

The raffle will be posted throughout most of our channels, as we know a lot of our fans don't use Twitter!


Good! I'll check it out when I have a chance

Just in case you haven't seen:

where is the patch?

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It's in the downloads section  by all the demo downloads. It should be near the bottom of the page.

**Do note there is no patch for games purchased through Google Play**


thanks, i found it. for some reason the itchio app wasnt allowing me to see it from there so i had to find it through the browser.

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hi i bought the Full VA game from Google play can i patch the game to the 18r version  or can't i?

If yes how to patch please 

Can you make me have access to the links above 

Hello, unfortunately Google Play versions cannot be patched to add R-18 content.

Hi, guys, quick question!

I just bought the Android version on itch, and it says that there's supposed to be a zip for both the .apk and .obb files. However, the download gave me ONLY the .apk, which I installed and such on my phone. The game is completely playable, but I don't get the 'R-18' splash screen; not sure if the android version differs from steam in that regard.

ANYWAY! Is JUST the .apk file good for the full-VA R-18 game, or do I need the .obb file as well? And, if the latter, would you mind throwing me a link or something to where I could find it? 

ಥ ◡ ಥ

Thanks so much and keep up the AMAZING WORK~❤

Ah, looks like we changed it to just be the single .apk file. There should be another download button for the R18 version in your itch downloads page (4 Android download buttons really...2x no-VA and 2x VA ones).


It’s been a while since I played Chess of Blades. But since I liked the game a lot and I’m on now, I‘d like to give my impression (possible spoilers included).

Overall, the game was a great experience. I was hooked since the first time I heard about it, because I’m a sucker for fantasy, romance and aristocratic themes. Moreover, the characters were very handsome and fascinated me at first sight. Initially, I wasn’t sure about the humor part because I usually don’t like comedy that much. But I have to say, it turned out to be very pleasant. It didn’t feel ‘over the top’, as it is often the case in games with comedic themes. And I had the feeling that it fitted very well with the noble setting and the puffed up little peacock boys and girls (as Sabre would say).

I also liked the characters, especially the cold-hearted Linnaeus and the passionate Franz. They were so different in their personality. I remember that one dinner scene when they sat at the table next to Rivian and looked at each other in such a malicious way. I already saw the cutlery flying through the room. : D Of course, Rivian was great as well. He was such a cutie with his unique sense of humor and his social allergy! I couldn’t have wished for a better protagonist. I also liked the supporting characters. Everyone had their own unique personality and was an important part of the story and the world.

The storytelling is very good, too. Each route had a different story to tell, so you didn’t get the feeling of having seen everything after completing one route. That motivated me to play through the game several times. I also liked the many secrets and plot twists. Especially Sabre’s route was a very interesting surprise. It wasn’t what I expected (in more than one way hehe). But I’m very happy how that turned out to be.

The art style is also very beautiful. The characters and backgrounds are carefully designed and a lot prettier than in Requiescence. The protagonist and his three love interests look very detailed and elegant and their appearance fits well with the setting. The same is true for the supporting and antagonistic characters.

But also the background characters are drawn with great care. That’s very important to me, because those minor characters are often involved in the events in one way or another, even if we often don’t know exactly, who of them is talking at a certain moment. Sometimes, you hear some voices whispering, talking, discussing, or cheering in the background, while seeing different faces. That gives me a feeling of immersion.

The only criticism I have is that some CG's were used for multiple scenes without adjusting the background. For example the identical kissing scene with Sabre in the cellar and in Rivian’s room, although Rivian’s room looks totally different.

I’m really thankful that the game has full voice acting! The voices fit so well with the characters they belong to. I must confess, I really fall for Franz. His voice was so deep and sexy, that I still have goosebumps while thinking about it. Only Sabre’s recording could be somewhat better. I sometimes had the feeling that his dubber’s microphone was of lesser quality. But maybe that's just my imagination. Overall, I liked his voice too.

The music is very memorable, cheerful and goes well with the aristocratic theme. I especially liked the opening tune and the melody that was played at the stalls. You really feel like you are part of the festival. As if you would stroll along and buy things yourself.

Another advantage is that the game is more interactive than Requiescence. I prefer to have lots of choices in a visual novel, so that I can feel more like a part of the fictive world around me. I also liked the way how there’s no obvious way to reach the good ending and therefore you could say something wrong and miss it by accident. When I play a game I want to be challenged and to think about what I'm saying to solve a situation satisfactorily. In this regard, I especially liked the courtroom scene in Linnaeus’ route. 

Unfortunately, the bad endings felt more like a ‘game over’ to me. That was a pity, because I think that endings should be designed in such a way that you feel like you've come to an end, even if it's a negative one.

But that’s the only bigger point of criticism I have. I had much fun with the game. Next to story and characters, I especially liked the playing time. I prefer long visual novels (around 100,000 words ore more) because I often feel that shorter games leave to unresolved issues and open questions. Nonetheless, the Story has the potential to be continued. I wouldn’t mind another game, which is playing in this universe. But it can also be considered a completed work. Both things work.

Thanks again to Argent Games for this very good game. I had a lot of fun with it. Keep up the good work! : )

Love it! I've downloaded the NSFW patches. Can i resume playing the game or must i start over?

You can resume playing from where you left off, no need to start over! :)

Absolutely Loving what I've seen of the game in videos but when I downloaded it onto my tablet and played it.... Everytime before the background changes the screen goes blank except for the background with the music still playing and freezes like that for awhile. Is this normal or....? Is there anything I can do to stop it from happening?

This isn't normal. Are you trying to click/skip through the dialogue too quickly when backgrounds change?

Even if I go super slow it doesn't make a difference on my tablet and I couldn't even get it to open on my computer until I went through steam to download it :( 

What was the error on your computer? If you shoot us an email (, we can try to send you another Android build.


I absolutely loved this game, so much so that I read and followed every route in one sitting.  Keep up the great work.

I'm having a problem going to Sabre's route.. I've download the patch and tried everything but it just does not give me the option to split up. it just automatically starts Arden's route, it frustrating.   

Please try following this guide!

I have, unfortunately..


I’ve seemed to fix it! Thank you! I case anyone experience this problem I’ve fixed it by completing Arden’s route!

Hi, i bought the game on steam and i am really enjoying it! However, im not sure where to get the files for the 18+ Patch. Could you help me find it?


Please download the patch .rar or .zip under the "demo" section on COB's Itch page:

Inside, you will find a text file with directions for patching on Steam. The image links will show you what to look for!

Send us an email at if you run into any more difficulties! ^^

Thanks so much for your help! However, after installing the r 18+ files, do i have to replay the game,  or can I start from a previous save to get the 18+ scenes?

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Really enjoyed this one! I've only played through Linnaeus' route so far, I have a soft spot for arrogant guys and long hair so I knew I had to do him first, I mean play his route first what. The writing was wonderful, I loved the little quips between him and Rivian. The art was gorgeous, I particularly liked the backgrounds. I really loved the GUI as well, it was nice and simple yet elegant, perfect for the setting. 


My favorite part was probably when they first met, and Linnaeus kept going on about Riv being a 'lint picker'. 

edit: I also really enjoyed the trial part at the end! Gave me phoenix wright vibes and it was fun presenting the evidence. 


Lovely voice acting too. Probably my favorite of your games so far! Fantastic work and congrats on getting it out. a++ 5 stars thumbs up

Hi, I bought this game on steam, but I can't figure out how I am supposed to get the  r18 patch and add it to my game :/ Please help me!


Please download the patch .rar or .zip under the "demo" section on COB's Itch page:

Inside, you will find a text file with directions for patching on Steam. The image links will show you what to look for!

Send us an email at if you run into any more difficulties! ^^


It worked! Thank you sooooo much!!! <3

So far I'm enjoying it a lot! I really love music and especially the dialogues, which are so much fun to read. That was also something I greatly enjoyed with Red Embrace.

I'm playing it on  Android 6.0.1 and it keeps crashing after the Masquerade with Linnaeus. The other routes - despite common lags- worked well. 

Please keep up the good work~

hello , i tryed downloading the r 18 patch on my windows laptop but it doesnt seem to be a zip folder like mentioned . do you have any instructions on what i should do?

The zip file has been uploaded. Please let us know if that doesn't work!

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I'm shocked - shocked to discovered this is such a great, well-made game! I don't expect much from visual novels, but wow, now my bar's raised. I've just finished all the routes, and each and every one is great in its own way. It's a bit of a fairy-tale setting (those nobles who actually work and the fact that our main hero can decide to actually have a trade and do things - this is so cute), but to be honest, I prefer that sort of fairy tale to traditional bullshit set societal roles thing. Thank you for the experience :)


Thank you for the kind words! <3

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Just finished all the routes of the game. It is a great game, I must say. I like the accent, and really love Rivian's voice. Thanks for the game.

I hadn't realized the version on google store isn't R18 until first play through. What a shame, can't afford to purchase again :(

Thanks for your feedback! <3 And if you purchased through Itch, you can download the Android version on your phone as well -- both the PG-13 and R-18 versions should be available! :)

I have a mac computer and tried to download the R-18 patch but it will not open.

Are you having difficulty unzipping the file? 

(1 edit)

Yes i have spent a few hours trying as many things i can but it will not open for anything i try and do.

Please try using The Unarchiver ( to open the file. It should be able to open the .rar!

I have tried but i did it again just to make sure but it did not work.

If you send us an email (, we can try sending you the files in another format.


Just my first episode of the game and I'm already hooked. The soundtrack and the music are superb and the art style is consistent. I'll try writing more cohesive thoughts but I'd like to commend the production value put into this game!

Question about the android version. is it the PG version or the R version?
If it's the pg, is there a way to get the r version on android? (Kinda  own a shared computer and are nosey and doesn't know I'm gay so getting it on the pc is out of the question but I do want to buy it for the android)

There are separate PG and R18 android builds on itch ;) If you buy it through the google play store, you'll only get the PG version. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah sweet, thanks a bunch!

Oh my god i'm an idiot I just saw them.  Sorry to be a bother lol ><'


Hello! First of all I must say your game looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to play it! The only thing that's stopping me before that though is to know whether I should play the PG-13 version of the game first or if I should add the NSFW patch before starting the game for the first time.

I'm truly sorry if this is a question you already answered here or elsewhere but I wanted to know, are things different between the PG-13 version and 18- version? Like does each of them have different dialogues, different scenes, etc? Or does the NSFW just add more scenes and content to the PG-13 version?

I hope you don't mind my question and that you'll be able to answer it. (Also sorry for any spelling mistakes, English isn't my first language). Thank you in advance!

The two versions are the same aside from the NSFW scenes. Enjoy! 

Okay! :) Thank you so very much for your reply!

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Ah, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to be able to play this game, finally! I was waiting for the full release for so long!

I've just finished Arden's route, and I loved it with all my heart! Can't wait to check out the other ones now. I may comment again once I'm done, but I wanted to share my thoughts right away, and ask a question or two. 

Of course, since I will be discussing elements from the game...

----------------SPOILERS AHEAD----------------

Well, first of, let me tell you I adore the story. Court intrigues have been made in visual novels before, but I believe this is the first BL game with a court intrigue as a central element, and it makes me happy since while I love otome games, I love BL games even more. I managed to figure out a few of the mystery's elements before Rivian, like Hazel's bloodline or the things about the secret passage, which is always satisfactory, too.

Also, the characters are all so cool - in Requiescence, I actually liked only one of the routes, because only one of the characters felt like a right romance option to me (not criticizing here, because Requiescence is one of the most memorable games I've played, a true inspiration source). Here, I feel like all the routes will have something to offer. I'm planning to playing Franz's now, and leaving Linnaeus for last, because he's my favorite "character type" out of the three.

As for the art, I like it a lot. In this case, I won't deny it's an improvement over Requiescence. Though, one thing bothered me - a little mistake, I believe. When Raphael (Rafael? Don't remember now) catches Riv and forces him to dance with him during the Masquerade, and he tears his mask in two in order for Riv to have half a mask... Well, when the CG comes up, they both have half a mask on the same side of  the face (their right side), wich wouldn't be possible if they both have half of the same mask. Yeah, not the most important CG of the route, but I felt like telling it anyway, if you want to update it at some point (though it might be difficult depending on how the illustrations were made, so yeah, maybe not worth it).

The music is gorgeous, and I'm so happy you inluded the possibility to listen to it in the extras! I'm a sucker for that kind of music haha!

Unfortunately, one more thing that I have to criticize is the menu and the saving options. I don't like the fact that the right mouse click doesn't bring up the menu.  I like to save at every choice so I can experiment, but here, I have to save aaaall the time, since I can't bring the menu up once I'm on choice screen, so I need to be prepared all the time. It's tedious and breaks a bit the immersion, because of all the interruptions in order to save. Also, the fact I need to click the "menu" option to bring the other task bar from where I can click on save to access the save menu is bothersome, because when I close the save menu the bar stays here, even when the regular dialogue box dissapears, so I have to click on the "menu" button again to make it dissapear. That, in addition to the saving all the time issue makes it extremely time consuming and irritating.

Now, as for the questions I had, they're about the endings.

I see the game page saying it has 9 endings, but does it include the premature ending if you fail to access any route when Riv hears whispers in the gardens and gets stabbed? And also, does it include the "game over" like ending you can get if you act instead of thinking, during the route's last choice? That last one would feel like a bad ending, but it didn't have any CG, credits or anything, so I'm wondering, since well, Requiescence endings were long, story driven and had CGs, so yeah... Besides, since the game has 3 romances and 9 endings, I assumed it would be 3 endings per character, but if the premature death ending is an actual ending, that wouldn't fit... Aaah, anyway, basically, what is considered ending in this game? And if the things I've mentionned are not actual endings, can I get a hint on how to get the other (presumably) two endings of a character, or what they are (like, affection driven things, depending on some specific choices, and so on)? Honestly, I'd like bad ending similar to Requiescence's (I mean, not necessarily the same kind of content, since the setting is very different here, but longer, more detailed and with CGs)

Anyway, sorry for the huuuuge comment you had to read.

I may have some critiques, but the game is awesome, and I'm really happy with it! Thank you!

Hi, I just wanted to mention I had the same problem with the saving, but accidentally found out you can bring it up with Esc.

Oh, that's nice to know - I'll be sure to test it out, though I've actually done all of the routes at this point, so I won't need it that much anymore haha

Yeah, me too. I found out on the last route because I got frustrated about the saving thing, and pressed a bunch of buttons in exasperation. Then I just stared at the screen for a second and cracked up at myself.

(1 edit)

I am so glad you brought up the premature death thing in the garden, because I thought maybe it was a glitch. It just booted me back to the start screen with no game over, no credits....I actually deleted the game and reinstalled it hahahah. I'd kind of like to know what's up with that too. It's literally why I'm back at the game's home page, actually. I was hoping that either someone found the same "glitch" or had an explanation....

Well, the game over like endings at the end of the routes are the same - they send you directly to the title screen. This isn't the first game I see that has credits only for the good endings, but because of that, I'm not really sure what can be considered a bad ending (and part of the 9 endings) and what is a mere game over.


Ahhh I wish Silas was a romance option haha

Same! I was a little disappointed when I realized that he wasn't.

(1 edit)

How much is the level of the R18 content. Is there like full on nudity and sex depictions. or just descriptive wordplay and no nude CG art. Also since its fully voiced are any suggestive scenes voiced that are obvious that someone is playing porn games? (lol) I couldn't find info anywhere so could someone tell me please? Thank you.

There are CGs with nudity, descriptions, and voice.  Some scenes may be more obvious than others if played on speakers? 👀

Is the full game R18 out on android?

Not yet. There are some parts that still require some mobile optimization. When it is ready, we will upload it and make an announcement! Only the pg13 version will be available through the Google Play store due to store policies. 


I've just finished playing through all the routes in this game and I must say I am thoroughly impressed by Chess of Blades!  I can tell your team has improved a lot since Requiescence particularly in the art and anatomy in the characters and backgrounds.  The voice acting was superb as well.  I love all of the character routes that it is hard for me to pick a favorite!  Well done and I am looking forward to more of your work you have in store!


Hello. I just wanted to say that after game update my saves don't work. I have either error message or it simply redirects me to main menu. And after trying a new game skipping 'read text' doesn't work as if I did not already romanced those 3 hotties. Which I did and enjoyed it greatly so thank you for that.

On another note I just want to say I love your games. And the voice acting was amazing. So, so great. I think what surprised me the most is that I didn't predicted I will like Celeste character so much. Her VA is superb and match her perfectly. 
If you ever wanted to make a game in the same universe, count me in! I'm honestly curious about how many other side characters are in Cult haha.
And yeah please put Celeste in there :D

@Rinvee -- please send us an email at, and we'll get your saves working again asap!

Thank you very much for the kind words as well ^^ Celeste's VA was awesome to work with!


So I need help, please. I don´t seem to find that side romance. Could you give me a little hint?


It's got something to do with the fighter, Sabre. And you would find that route if you're playing Arden's story. Hope that helps somewhat!!


Thanks a lot, friend, I finally found it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I hope it's ok to ask. May I know when this game will be available on Steam?


We're just waiting on some actions from Steam admin before we are able to release it on Steam. Pray for a swift response from them XD 🙏


So I just started playing, but oh boy Rivians voice is something majestic! Props to his voice actor, amazing job!


For the last few days I have been using Paypal with no problem paying, I can't pay using Paypal only on I don't know why O_o

I'm dying to play and have waited months for your wonderful game ^w^ I really hope it will be available soon on Steam !

I appreciate all the hard work you've put in Requiesence, it was a masterpiece. So far there is no other BL games that left such a memory. Guys, I wish you all the success you deserve <3


I'm so excited for this! If it's as good as Requiesence, I have no doubt it will be a hit! I'm really happy with what little I've played so far. Riv cracks me up!


Are you going to create a walkthrough? (Or is there one that I have looked over)?


We're planning on letting players create their own! There's one currently in progress by a user of our Discord channel that'll probably be done by the end of the week~

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