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It's very good and people should buy it.

Will you get a steam copy with this one?


No, you will only receive the DRM-free copy.

Ok, thanks for the swift reply.


What a fantastic game. While it would've been preferred when someone edited a bit to tone down the overuse of similar and sometimes inappropriate adverbs the writing was impeccable elsewhere. The game screams atmosphere in both its presentation and ambience.


Beautiful. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. This game is one of those games you just know you WILL cry. I'm already just so attached to the characters. There's this mystery playing out from Esther's perspective and I'm torn between playing quickly to get some answers or stopping on every screen getting lost in the art. There are so many unique backgrounds and expressions for the character's a lot of care went into the art.

Absolutely play this game. There is a demo to start with or I was gifted a copy to play on my YouTube channel so there are a couple of ways to get your feet wet but I don't know if you'll be able to stop yourself from buying this game after you start ;). 


5 stars! Typically I don't gravitate towards kinetic visual novels because I prefer the ability to impact the story. But Pale Cachexia kept my interest the whole time. The character and background art was stunning, and the writing was beautiful and poetic. Argent Games doesn't disappoint!