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ngl the ending with bishop was hot


oooooo i need to purchase this... i hate my life

I love this game! Thank you very much for it)
But I had an annoying problem - the version with Google Play hangs a lot when passing through each phrase =(
Please fix it !=((
My smartphone ZTE Blade A7 2020, v 1.4

Does the Android version here also hang a lot? We unfortunately can't do much with Android optimization.

Should I buy this version? The game costs little, of course. But I have already paid for it both on Steam and on Google Play ...

Ah, thought you had purchased it here. The Android version on itch is more or less the same as that of Google Play. 

When you say it hangs when "passing through each phrase", do you mean every time a new dialogue line shows up, or more like when the background scene changes?

The game freezes on both the phrase change and the scene change on 10 seconds. Only the music is in order.
I hope you understand that it is impossible to play this way...

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I really gotta be honest I downloaded this as a joke at first but i REALLY liked it. A lot. I'm getting into dating sims as a whole chasing how much I enjoyed this and so far this is still the best I've played. To say nothing of the story I even enjoyed the OST a lot and think it fits the game very well (I just happen to rlly like OSTs when consuming media but
never expect much,  was very pleasantly surprised). Overall really loved it and it's already become a sort of comfort game to me

I tried playing this on Android after receiving it in a bundle, but the only thing that happens is the opening Argent Games screen, then it's a black screen. Uninstalling, re-downloading, and installing hasn't helped.

Any advice?

What android device are you using?

If you download the demo from the Google Play store, does the game run?

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Android version 11. 

I tried the demo also from the Google play store and got the same result. 

I also forgot to mention that sometimes when I would click the icon to play, it would tell me "Permission Denied" and I'd have to go into the app's info and tell it to run from there (it would open, but still get the same results as before).

It's still happening. Using the version 6 release from

After deleting the cache I finally got the itch version to work. I lost my save from the Google play version, but it's worth it.


Everyone all like "Game's too short," like bruh, it's only five bucks, what do you want? Sheesh.

It will be a strange question, but.... Does buying a game on include all versions or just a specific one to choose from? For example, if I buy it here, and not on Steam or Google Play, can I download both the android and windows versions? Or just one of them? I apologize in advance if this really looks weird. Just interested)  


Buying on itch will give you Windows/Mac/Linux, Steam code, and Android versions. Buying on Steam will give you only a Steam code for Windows/Mac/Linux. Google play will only give an Android version.


Oh, i see.... So it will be better to buy on Itch, i suppose)


Hi, I can translate your game into Spanish, so your VN can reach a wider audience.


Late to the party but I really love this game! All of the thought that went into making this, the flirty jokes, the music and overall mood of the game is just awesome ^^ <3 Full guide here ~

I also started playing Red Embrace: Hollywood and I'm working on a full guide, so for everyone who needs one, I`ll be finished in a couple of weeks! Including the achievements on Steam ^^

Thank you Argent Games for this awesome piece of Art!


not what i expected. it was good, it was nice. my biggest problem with it is that the art style between the character sprites and the cinematic ones were very different. neither of them are bad just....a jarring. the MC (Ash) looks like a whole different character more so than the others.

other than that, good game. nice story, good characters and nice music. (Isaac is my favorite <3)


Is it weird I find Luka annoying


i don't think so. he does give off a bit of a 'brat' vibe, and that ain't for everybody.

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Red Embrace was really good but way too short, lacked sexual content and some of the endings were depressing like our character becoming too savage as a newly turned vampire and being a slave for Dominic which isn't so bad, but still. It ends so soon we don't get to learn more about what happens next and etc.


I got a question are you gonna add bishops route or no I'm very curious because hes like the villain I wanna see if he really is the villain or hes putting up an act to protect himself


I liked all the routes but it was kinda short ┐(゚~゚)┌


They have a newer and longer version coming out soon.

who's luka again


I want a Bishop  route.


So far enjoying this visual novel from Argent Games. Big fan of vampires and, visual novels combining the two is just amazing. I haven't completed the demo just yet but, i'm sure i'm close. Even though i'm sure that will make me want to buy the full verison as, the game is very intriguing and, the story well put together.

uMMMMMMM how does one unlock rex's rout? (I think I finished luka's) plz dont tell me I have to go tru all of da choice comibinations

Hello! Did you perchance play the [Free] Demo? Luka's route is free in the demo, and all of the other routes will be available if you purchase the game.


yes that must be it TYSM

Deleted 3 years ago

Is there a 18 plus patch?

No, Red Embrace is purely a PG-13 game.


too bad .. 

there is not enough vampire yaoi eroge


I agree. I especially like Argent Games for their Eroge so i was sad to know that their vampire story doesn't have any... THE LOST POTENTIAL IS TOO MUCH </3


Now that I've finished all routes, I want to give my final impression of the game (SPOILERS included, so beware). All in all, I had a lot of fun with Red Embrace.

What I like best is the diversity of the characters. No one is like the other. Everyone has their own unique personality. I especially liked Luka and Isaac. Thanks again to the developers for the free Luka route! If now Bishop would get his own route, I would be completely satisfied. I like evil characters, so it would be great to have one as a love interest. Especially since we don’t really know how he became the leader of the vampires and what motivates him. 

What’s also good is that even some of the negative endings feel like an end and not like a “game over”. In many games you have the impression that only the good endings count. In Luka’s and Isaak’s route, however, I had the feeling of having come to an end, even if it was a negative one.

I also like the changeable interests and personality of the MC. That motivated me to play through the game several times. The only criticism I have is that the interests should have more impact on the actual story line. They were a nice addition, but not nearly as important as the shapeable personality.

In addition to the changeable personality, I also like the way how some dialog options aren’t unlockable if you pick the ‘wrong’ choices and thus the endings can be influenced in one direction or the other. Some visual novels give me the feeling, that they aren’t really games in which you can make wrong decisions, because it is often clear from the beginning, which answer you must choose to reach the "perfect" ending. I am glad that this is not the case here. As a result, the game feels more like a real game. That’s something I really appreciate!

The music is pleasant, too. The tunes are decent, modern and fit well to the dark, urban setting. I especially liked the music that played when Bishop appeared. It was so threatening and dark and always left me with a bad feeling, as if something unpleasant would happen soon.

I also like the character sprites and the CG’s. The characters look very attractive - not too childish or too “cute”, as it is often the case with other BL games. I also like the mix of anime and western style. The backgrounds could be a bit more detailed, but that doesn’t bother me that much. The overall atmosphere is great and it doesn’t take long for you to feel part of the world.

Since English isn’t my native language, I can’t say much about the quality of the dialogues. However, I had the feeling that they were good. I could always understand everything and didn’t notice any mistakes (except for the one part at the beginning of the game, where Luka was being addressed as a “he”, although the MC thought of him as a woman at that point).

At some points I had the feeling that the game was too short. There are some unanswered questions I have. I also think some parts are a bit illogical. in Dominic’s and Rex's route, the protagonist is thinking of becoming a vampire without a single thought about what it means to drink blood forever and endanger other people's lives. Of all the thoughts he had at that moment, I found it odd that he haven’t had moral issues. It is also a bit weird, that in all those years, no vampire became aware of the protagonist, although he has such a particularly tasty blood.

But I don’t want to over-analyze those things, because, as I said before, the game is a lot of fun! So I can overlook such minor discrepancies. I recommend it to anyone who likes vampires, urban settings and BL games. Argent Games stands for quality and you can tell that for this game too. Unfortunately there are only few English written BL games in the western part of the world. So I’m very happy Argent Games exist. I’m really looking forward to their future projects.

Please keep up the good work! : )

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I finished Dom's Good ending, and I just loved, loved, LOVED it! :D I love that sweet, angsty giant vamp. ^_^ I tried going other routes, but Dom and Rex were my faves so far. Sweet, nice, gentle Dom just ruined it for me going the other routes, lol! XD I didn't want to leave that hot and gloomy vamp all alone! But Rex is such a cutie, too! ^_^

I loved the sprites, the sounds, and the music and overall atmosphere. :) It was a really awesome urban fantasy, and it had suspense and sweet romance that made me melt!

If I had a few minor complaints, one would be that it ended too soon! :D I wanted more of how Dom and the main character lived together and coped and such. I also wanted more CGs, but I'll take what I can get, and they were done well. 

The only other minor complaint is that I would have liked a Good ending for having a mostly Gentle personality. Maybe for the next VN? :-3 

Overall, I loved this VN, and I will support future VNs from this company! :D


Really Dom's my favorite and Luka right after! 


OMG!!! I absolutely love Red Embrace. I love Rex, Isaac and Dom! The three of them are who I feel in love with before the Luka Route but now that I was able to buy RE I can go through all the routes without running into the sad endings that made me cry so much! So far I only made it through Rex's Route and it's so satisfying! Thank you so much for making Red Embrace. I love it so so very much! Thank you! I'm gunna take a break before going through Isaacs Route as he's my second favorite. I'm so excited to read it! AAHHH!!! I'm so giddy right now!! xD


i really love it! and my favorite is dom! he is really a sweet heart (uh well i admit all the other guy is really a sweet heart.. even tho i hope there's a more bishop route from the start)
i played all the route and the story is never fail me to melting.. and squeeling!

really.. the story.. character.. art.. music.. is all perfect! beautiful!

once again thank you for made this game! it's really worth it!

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I was just looking this over and then I saw Isaac and the next thing I know my receipt from PayPal was coming up...

This looks very interesting, I'll come back with a review after I get a chance to play through it! Already love the sprite art and the concept. The backgrounds are lovely too!

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So I finally got a chance to play! I've only done Rex's route so far. I played it multiple times, and couldn't manage to unlock the other options at the end. I'm guessing I have to do the other routes in order to do so?

Overall, it was a nice time. Rex is cute, and not quite as rough as his appearance would make you think. The whole thing was shorter than I thought it would be though. The personality changing is a nice addition, though there were sometimes where what the MC would say or think was at odds with some of the choices I'd made. Being rather rude despite having high gentle stats, etc. I liked that you could choose what your hobby was, though it didn't seem to change the story much.

The music was nice and unobtrusive, all the sound effects really added to the atmosphere. 

Congratulations on getting the whole thing together, it's clear a lot of work went into this.

I'll be trying for Isaac next.

edit: BTW, there's a part in the intro where Ash says a girl walks in, and then immediately afterwards calls Luka a 'he', before discovering that fact for himself.

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no sex scenes or voice acting? Nuuuuuu T^T

Mmn, I managed to get all endings but...I can't get the 2 secret achievements on steam. o^o

Some kind folks over on Steam have made an achievements guide!

I was given this game as a gift, I was just wondering if it still comes with a steam key even though it was gifted to me?

Hello there! Yes, you should be able to find a "Get Steam Key" button on your purchases page (you may have to be logged in).

If you can't find it there, please send us an email at!


I found it! Thank you, the screenshot really helped.

Loving the game so far, but I wonder if there's a walkthrough planned? I'm having a little trouble getting some of the endings.

A couple of people are already making one. They've passed along a single version for getting all the good endings that we'll link to soon!


Awesome!  Thanks for answering

Glad to hear that! I keep getting Ash's bad end. Which is really bad. Like not sure how it could be worse. 


I just finished playing this game and hey, it was pretty good. Rex was definitely my favorite of the three. He was just sooooo ugh. :") What a cutie! You can check out my full thoughts here. :)

For the love of me I can't seem to figure out how to get Rex's good ending, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG asdfkglld

Same! And Rex is such a cutie, too!


After some struggle, reaaally long struggle I finally got it. I think you have to choose ''Stay close'' and ''I'm your friend not a blood bag'', and be blunt and charming/gentle I think.

really? It seems to not work for me;; maybe im just doing it wrong,,

no he is not to me