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Just wondering, do I have to buy it to play the demo...? I can't click the demo versions and they seem to be included with the files you get after purchase.

Thanks for alerting us to that! You don't need to buy it to play the demo, and the demo should now be available for free download. Let us know if you still can't access it.


I love this game so much! The dynamic between Carrault and Damien is just the best. If you ever make a sequal, I'll buy it so fast it makes your head spin. You guys are awesome!

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I bought the Full Game and cannot download it anymore...only DEMO is available /:

Can you fix it,please?

Thanks for the Steam Key but i love my game DRM free ^^

Hey! Sorry about that...can you see if it's fixed now and get back to us?

Yes,it's fixed *happy dance*

Thank you ^___^

Btw,your game is awesome!

can't get kaul's route heeelp

If you've gotten the good endings for both of the other routes: Make sure you a) have unzipped the files, b) have started a new game, and c) if that doesn't work, close the game and reopen it.

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have to save money and im like oh 10$ doesn't look like much * converts into rands * R133 DOH! Btw do you have a walkthrough

Yup, the walkthrough may be found here:


oh my god..this game..its just the best hahahaha! i really like the story and the beautiful music, and the VA is so entertaining i could die x) <3 keep making me laugh my ars off.
other than that i first got Carrault's good ending i believe, so sweet, he totally melts my heart with his smile.
So far on Damian's route im having a great time and cant wait to get to his endings <3
''What was that? a Premature Magical Ejaculation?''
- by Damian

PS. if you skip through the game between choices it sounds like sexy time *nosebleed* i was completely stunned when i first realized. <3

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We asked some members in our Discord chat to confirm sexy time game skipping.

Can confirm, much nosebleeding. Perhaps in our next game, Chess of Blades, we shall have to add a version that lets you turn off all the VA aside from those grunts/moans/gasps :3

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That would be interesting :) i think that would be a refreshing option if ppl are not too interested in the talking (i at least found it kinda refreshing when at times, there was just a grunt/moan/gasp/clicking with tongue instead of full voice on every sentence)


Just finished all the routes..and i feel at a complete loss for what to do now since this game have been my life for the past 2 days xD love it <3 i was a bit saddened by Kaul's route since the outcome was a bit different than i thougth it would be, but it was still satisfying to see the last CG so playful <3

I feel Kaul's VA was the most in depth VA in the game, but are biased to Damian's story and character, but prefer Carraults looks xD i wonder what they would look like if their different styles and quirks got merged into one character *q*

You could join our discord and hang out with us as we make our next game (or follow along on some other of our many platforms...itch, twitter, tumblr, gamejolt, fb... etc.) :3. Our kickstarter will be launching soon too, so we'll need to call on your support~

Damian was our baby too :>

We also don't have any fanworks yet... ^w^


Story was really interesting even tho I had no idea what I was doing at the start of the story and I just winged it, my first playthrough got me to Damien's good end which was pretty fun and sweet~ He can be a jerk, but I guess he is that lovable jerk hahaha
So I tried for his "bad" ending next and yes its pretty bad.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
and I have to say it was hard not going for Damien again.

now replaying for either Kaul or Carrault.~


Now on Carrault's route and I am feeling really bad because Damien is still being like a protective mother hen. Maybe im just biased... ahahahaha

Carrault is such a tsundere.


Finished Carrault and Kaul's endings and yes im still biased to Damien. The bad endings were...great*ahem*hot*ahem* hahahaha
I found Carrault's route a bit to fast...maybe...idk... just me hahaha~ At Kaul's ending I thought I did something wrong when I got out of the last altar....WHY'D IT GO THAT WAY TT__TT

But seriously though fun story~!! Its interesting going through the different altars and as I said at first I was so confused at everything that was happening hehehe Characters are all lovable and after a while of playing (and collecting CGs) you get fond of them and just WISH THEY ALL HAVE A GOOD ENDING HUHUHUHU

Great job to the voice actors, couldnt have done any better....tbh couldnt have done it at all even if my life depended on it hahahaha

how do we get kaul's route


Can I just tell you that the writing in this game is amazing? The characters are very well rounded out for a game of it's size. Everything else is amazing, too. I can't handle how awesome this game is!


Hi there! Which version is on Steam? The PG-13 or the R-18? Thanks! Can't wait to play. :)

Only the PG-13 version, unfortunately! Steam rules :(. But the Steam game does include an itch key so that you have access to the R-18 version!

Ok great! I like having my games on Steam, but I want the R-18 version, so that works perfectly. Thank you for the quick reply!

If you purchase through itch, you will also still receive a Steam key :)

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Just finished playing, and *spoilers below*

Uh, besides that =P well done! I dig the art style; it has the feel of some older BL doujin games. The soundtrack is haunting and lovely, and really adds to the unsettling atmosphere of the cathedral.

When you said "Nitro+Chiral inspired" in the Kickstarter, I was prepared for something worse than bad end rape. That wasn't a disappointment for me (I'd say I tolerate darker content more than enjoy it), but might be for someone else.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game! Looking forward to your future projects =)

*damn you for making me ship [certain characters in the redacted route] and then [redacted]

Sorry, my attempt at spoiler tags did not work =(

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Played Damian's route first, and oh my God, I want to have his voice's babies or possibly start a new religion around it. I mean, Damian himself is ok too =P but that VA's my fave.

Possibly an odd request, but would you mind if I use some voice clips from the game to make a custom voice set mod for Baldur's Gate?

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We don't mind if you want to use voice clips, but you might want to contact our Damian voice actor himself! He's absolutely wonderful to work with. If you do just use our voice clips for the mod, definitely link the mod to us when it's ready!


Will do; thank you!


Released here =D

It doesn't let me save or load. What do I do??

Are the load/save buttons/menus just not there?


I downloaded the game again and It is working now! Sorry for the problem!


Finally! time to play:)