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What is Requiescence?

Requiescence is a gothic fantasy BL visual novel set in an arcane, mysterious cathedral. It chronicles the story of a young mage, Kymil, as he adventures into the cathedral's dark depths in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind his uncle's death. Along the way, he meets a host of powerful adventurers, all with their own personal goals... and secrets.

The full game features:

  • 125,000 words (10+ hours playing time)
  • 23 CGs
  • 3 different romance routes
  • Partial English voice acting
  • 13-track OST
  • PG-13 and R-18 versions
  • 6 endings
  • Steam + Itch.IO DRM-Free Keys

Free demo available below! (Approx 2-3 hours playtime)

What's a visual novel?

A visual novel is a game with little traditional "gameplay." The player reads text on the screen, accompanied by visuals and audio, and follows through a set story. However, they can make choices to determine the story's route and the ending. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure book, except in a game (and with art and sound!).

What's a BL game?

A BL game is a boy's love game - a game that focuses on a relationship between two males.

Which version should I get?

On this page you will find both the full releases of the game and the demo version, which is free. We also have support for Windows, Mac, and Linux -- just download the appropriate version for your system. Also, please note the rating of the version you download.

Why did we make this game?

A lot of our inspiration comes from the popular Nitro+CHiRAL games (namely, Togainu no Chi and Lamento: Beyond the Void), as well as a fantastic doujinshi VN, Cage -Open-. We wanted to present the BL visual novel community with our own take on the genre, and we aim to create an experience that will be unlike any other.

How does the itch.io version work?

On the purchases/download page of the game, you will have the ability to download every version available (PC/Mac/Linux, PG-13/R-18). You will also have the ability to redeem a Steam key.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/dQ8pHZL.png

How does the Steam version work?

The Steam game is the PG-13 version of Requiescence. Every Steam purchase includes an itch.io key so that you have access to the DRM-free R-18 version as well.

Windows: Right click the game in your Steam library. Select "View CD Key". Copy to clipboard (it will copy the long argent-games.itch.io/etc. link). Paste into web browser of your choice. Link key to account (you may need to create an itch.io account).

Screenshots of the process:




[Redacted]’s route isn’t unlocking after I complete all the other endings.

Exit the game and restart, then begin a new game. New choice options should appear.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Aug 21, 2016
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(186 total ratings)
AuthorArgent Games
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Anime, demo, Gothic, Romance, Story Rich, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Twitter, Homepage, Tumblr, Facebook, Steam Greenlight


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

(PG-13) Requiescence -- Full Game [Windows] 375 MB
(PG-13) Requiescence -- Full Game [Mac] 374 MB
(PG-13) Requiescence -- Full Game [Linux] 372 MB
(R-18) Requiescence -- Full Game [Android] 430 MB
Version 2
(PG-13) Requiescence -- Full Game [Android] 422 MB
Version 1
(R-18+) Requiescence -- Full Game [Windows] 380 MB
(R-18+) Requiescence -- Full Game [Mac] 379 MB
(R-18+) Requiescence -- Full Game [Linux] 377 MB

Also available on

Download demo

(DEMO) Requiescence [Windows] 375 MB
(DEMO) Requiescence [Mac] 374 MB
(DEMO) Requiescence [Linux] 372 MB
(ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL) Requiescence - Character Backstories 6 MB
Requiescence Guide.pdf 2 MB

Development log


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I played for around 3 hours and it was enjoyable, but now I'm struggling with how to add the 18+ version to Steam, is there a video that I can watch under how to install it?

I use Mac v14.2.1

I have found out how to add the 18+ version to Steam.

i buy this game on steam. hou i get R-18 version here?

sorry, it doesn't matter anymore because i figured out how to do it myself


Hi, sorry to trouble you, but after I had replaced the original files with the 18 + patch,  I couldn't run the game on Steam. 

Here is more information: 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

Before loading the script.

Exception: Couldn't find file '._scripts.rpi'.

Can you send a screenshot of the folder of the game before/after you replaced the files?


then I downloaded the 18+ version, here:

after that, I dragged all files in Requiesence-1.0-mac to my Steam folder and overwrote the same files.

then I couldn't run the game any more ...

a traceback.txt popped up

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

Before loading the script.

Exception: Couldn't find file '._scripts.rpi'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "/Volumes/Xu Xiumeng/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Requiescence/Requiesence.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/bootstrap.py", line 277, in bootstrap


  File "/Volumes/Xu Xiumeng/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Requiescence/Requiesence.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/main.py", line 299, in main


  File "/Volumes/Xu Xiumeng/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Requiescence/Requiesence.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/loader.py", line 161, in index_archives

    fn = transfn(prefix + ".rpi")

  File "/Volumes/Xu Xiumeng/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Requiescence/Requiesence.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/loader.py", line 606, in transfn

    raise Exception("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)

Exception: Couldn't find file '._scripts.rpi'.




it's so strange, as I can run the game in the folder Requiesence-1.0-mac...

Thanks for your time.


We are unable to replicate that error :( What Mac OS are you using?

Can you try patching by opening Package Contents of the Requiescence.app (downloaded from itch) and copying the game folder into the Steam one?

(itch folder)

Steam folder

(5 edits) (+1)

Great game. Thanks so much for detailing how to access both regardless of which platform we buy them from. Now I've finished all routes I can definitely say this is one of my favourite BL VNs.

I always play my least favourite character first to get them out of the way, but they happened to be so cute, I was as surprised as the MC was to actually grow to really like his angry lil self haha

I also found the bodyguard endearing from the beginning and loved the blind mage. Both are very pretty and amusing.

Below I will review the pros, cons, bugs, accessibility features, and suggestions for improvement.


  • Gay,
  • Disabled character,
  • Voice acting,
  • Interesting characters and really beautiful scenes,
  • Complete gallery
  • Plenty of save file spaces, and you can save at any point,
  • 18+ and PG options without story content lost,
  • Steam and itchio included when buying on both platforms,
  • Detailed instructions on how to get copies on both platforms from each purchase,
  • Long demo available,


  • No log option to read anything you've passed, which is sometimes needed,
  • No characters of colour; the only potentially non-white character was a demon,
  • No Steam achievements,


  • Auto speed doesn't account for the voice acting so sometimes cut out the words spoken, (lack of a log made this worse),
  • Fighting scenes sometimes had bright white flashes and backgrounds during text display. The flashes do not require an epilepsy warning thankfully, however the brightness can trigger neurological conditions in people with light sensitivity like myself, especially the prolonged backgrounds,
  • Sometimes the sound would skip/loop 6-10x during transitions; this usually happened when going from basic descriptions to someone speaking. While usually it loops music, on one occasion, a certain erm moaning noise, was looped, which was pretty funny tbh.


  • Emotive partial voice acting,
  • Skip buttons; Slower skip for skimming text, & Quick skip for jumping to the next action option,
  • Adjustable text speed and for the auto speed,
  • Sound adjustments available separately for music, Special Effects & voice acting,
  • Text is clear with a simple font and good contrast,


  • Option to remove bright flashing; consider a faded or pastel background for prolonged backgrounds so reading is easier,
  • Provide trigger warnings for; non-consensual sex, slavery, child abuse,
  • Use (or have an option for) dyslexia friendly font,
  • Address bugs for transition looping and auto cutting out speech,
  • In future work I would suggest a more diverse background would enhance your work. Whether it's different body types, trans men, or POC. Including a disabled character was a great start.

    I would recommend this game! Thank you for this work and I hope my suggestions help.
(1 edit)

I just bought this game a day ago, the route of Kaul is not available. In the options there were only two, go left or go right but there was no option of go straight (Kaul's route).How do I get his route? I downloaded the game again but still I didn't get his route, I followed the instructions on the guide but there are no options related to Kaul's route available in the game, even the "you first" option isn't there.


You'll need to complete Damian and Carrault's routes to make Kaul's route (and choices) available.

I just bought red embrace Hollywood, I have never used steam before, how and where can I use the steam key?

I'm not sure I understand this.
But there's an option for a steam download when you open the saves?

The information above says you can get the steam key when you buy it on itchio. You should get this page here: http://i.imgur.com/dQ8pHZL.png
Steam option is at the bottom.

Which route do I play first and which route do I play last to unlock the 18+ version?

You don't need a route to unlock 18 plus, you just download the 18+ game. There's multiple options, for PG Itchio game, PG steam game, 18+ itchio game, and 18+ steam game.
You need to check you downloaded the one you actually want first.
All routes have potential 18+ content, provided you downloaded the right one for that.

Is 18+ version available for Windows and how do I get it?

Yes. An Itch key will give you access to the R18 Windows game to download.


does the windows ver has the 18+ ?



I finished this game all routes good and bad. Firstly I wanna say the bad routes are really bad. I would suggest reading with caution there are a bunch of trigger warnings I personally felt were missing from the description. However the good endings are very good. They made me feel very complete everything felt really final in a good way. I'm not sure who my favorite route was but overall it was a good game and I'd recommend reading it. With the amount of content there is and reading I'd say it's worth much more than $10.


Indeed, a trigger warning for the bad routes would be a good addition to the game description.
I can see the inspiration from Nitro+CHiRAL in the bad endings, as those games often have a lot of non-consensual stuff in the bad endings (and sometimes in the good ones for some reason). 

My thoughts exactly 

I bought the game and downloaded the file for android  but now I've gotten to where the demo stopped and it's asking me to buy the full game which  I thought I did when buying it from y'all. Am I missing something or do i really have to pay for it a second time?


Sounds like a bug! You should not need to buy it again. We will look into it. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Ugh!! It was soo goooodd! I fell in love with Argent thanks to this game. I also really enjoy a couple of the other ones I've played so far. I wish there was more. I need a Narcotics Anonymous group specifically for Argent games. I loved the story so much and the characters were all great!! Plus, who doesn't love some nice sexy scenes?! Give me more or I will die.

Hello! I purchased the game VIA the Google app store and wanted to know if I can still access the 18+ material? I'd hate to kiss out just because I didn't know where to buy things properly. 😅 Much love to the game!

You won't be able to access the 18+ material. Only the Android version available through itch has access to it. 


Thank you for the info, I'll be getting your games from here instead from now on! Don't wanna Miss out on any content.

The 18+ content is honestly pretty cute, and this is coming from an asexual queer. 
Nicely and tastefully done imo.
I'm looking forward to trying other games to see how they've grown over the yrs.

ya il une traduction francaise ??

So i biught it s=from steam and used the link for the 18 plus how do i know its working? i unzipped the file but the game looks pretty much the same

There should be 1 more CG in each character's gallery (3 nsfw cgs total), which you'll be able to unlock if you play through to the correct area. Make sure you installed the patch by replacing files properly, otherwise it won't be applied!

How do I replace the files? Or where would I replace them?

I also have the windows version 

Never mind I’m just stupid I got it sorted

You're not stupid for having a moment of confusion.

Theme and genre is a bit sensitive but nice game nevertheless i'd say..


Sometimes you just  have to make the wrong choice ;)

Sooooooo right!!


ispoiler because i'm one hell of a dumbass]




Kaul is [Redacted]s route right? Just making sure i ain't missing anything lol


(2 edits)

Hi. There is an Exception at the end of Damian's route R18 android version(good ending; the only one I played so far). I already tried restarting the game and my android phone. Is there a fix for it? 

(1 edit)

I have the same problem. Would be really intetested in a solution too =)


I played to the end of Carrault and Kauls route too, same problem there.

hey there, so... I  played the game on my computer and the exception didn't come up. You're not missing anything but the screen with who wrote the game etc.  No more story. So I guess it doesn't matter much?

Yes, it's just an image with the credits for developers that is broken. We're planning a bugfix for that that includes some other additions, which is why we have not yet pushed that fix. Hitting "Ignore" should work, and you won't be missing any in-game content.

How do you install the R18 Windows version and the Android R18 Version? I have the games...I just dunno how to install.

You can download the file, then unzip them. For the Windows version, enter the folder after unzipping and you should find an icon for Requiescence. Double click that to play. For Android, unzipping the file will return a .apk file, which you can transfer to your phone. On your phone, find the file and click on it. It will ask if you want to install.


Only found out of the mobile release because I was roaming the play store. Love the game (though I've only finished one route so far) and ecstatic that I can finally play it on mobile since I hardly get on my computer.  If you like Visual Novels then this game will likely sate your needs.  


I love This game it's great <3


i love all the games you make cant wait for the next one


Hello people of Argent Game,

Just wanted to tell you: awesome game. I had nearly lost all hope in my search for a well written BL-Game  (especially one with free 18+ content to download), but then I stumbled over Requiescence- and I loved every minute of it. Words can not describe how much I enjoyed playing it. I will defenitely buy your next game as well, so please don't stop making them. 

Ps.: I'm a writer myself, so I have to add- your way of describing and illustrating people/surroundings/ etc. is excellent!  Keep that up!


It's so hard to find a really well written BL 18+ visual novel!! I wish Argent had some more content to view, but it takes time. So depressed!


Hi there! I found your company by accidentally stumbling across the Chess of Blades demo, and while waiting for it to come out, I decided to give a shot at Requiescence. Let me say, I never regretted it. :) Halfway through the demo, I already knew I was going to buy it. The mysteries and the atmosphere got me hooked properly! I really enjoyed playing throughout the past week, finishing all routes and endings. Checking out your social media sties, I can see that you were on a tight budget, and while it definitely shows in the CGs (and the sprites) (is there any chance you'll make a second version with updated art?), you definitely did a great job in bringing this game to life with an amazing soundtrack and even partial voice acting. Oh, and the animation of the fights was also nice. :)

The best part is most definitely the storytelling. Full of action, surprises and emotions that felt real, for the most part. I felt that Carrault's path could have used some more development, but then again, if I think about it, that's what their personalities imply. Maybe some insight on Carrault's side would have helped. The only critics I have about the story progress is that most of the choices didn't matter in the end, only those two that determine the route and the ending. And so I didn't have to work to woo the love interests.

As for the characters and paths. By the end of the demo, my favorite was Kaul. Still I didn't mind that I have to play his route last. I guessed his route will hold the answers, so I was looking forward to it. I went for Damian first, since he's the first one Kymil meets. I found him interesting, and contradictory. His appearance and voice suggest he is fragile, his sharp tongue soon became funny, and yet he was a vicious fighter, and carried a deep dark past. I came to like him and his most romance-y route a lot. In hindsight, I find his bad end the worst, most pointless and hopeless one. Carrault... as you led it up, I was half-expecting his central conflict to be what it was. While there wasn't much time for development, I really enjoyed those short glances at his softer side. What I didn't expect was the drama with Seere. And finally Kaul. I have to say, he turned out to be... very different from the first impression. I haven't decided yet if in a good or bad sense, and I'm still a bit confused about his path. I feel like there are a few unanswered questions, though maybe I just didn't pay enough attention and replaying will answer me. Though I feel that Kymil overreacted, when the truth was revealed to him. What I undoubtedly liked about Kaul's path was the different interactions with Sychar and Absalom, and the side romance (well, except how it ended...). I'm still wondering if Kaul's love end really is the good end? After all, the world is saved and Kymil is still happy (through crazy...) in his bad end. This brings me to the biggest question I guess, which I couldn't figure out on my own no matter what. Does breaking chalice destroy the corrupted power, or does it set it free? Is giving up on the love interest a necessary sacrifice to save the world? That really turns around the interpretation of the endings. if the power breaks free, that means the bad ends are rather the necessary sacrifice of love to save the world, and the love ends are selfish. That would make a great lesson on how there's no ultimately good solution, there's no way to get everything you want. The other way around, that would make all the bad ends just stupid mistakes, pointless and painful. I'm really curious, how did you intend that?

One more thing I wanted to point out about the R-18 version. The voice acting in the rated scenes. I'm not sure about the community's tastes, especially since this is almost the first R-18 game I played. However, listening to the sexy times, I would have enjoyed them better if it wasn't so dominantly about the high-pitched moaning. First, because I felt that Kymil appeared quite girly there, which clashed with my mental image of him as a stubborn, strong young boy, and well, this is yaoi - while he is a bottom, he is still a boy. Second, since I'm a girl, I would happily listen to some deep, manly sounds from the semes. I would guess, most girl players imagine themselves in the bottom's place, so hearing the partner too, not just themselves would improve the experience, right? In the end, maybe I'm just talking for myself or a minority here, but I think you could please everyone by adding some more lines to semes, and then the uke's voice won't be so predominant, without reducing his lines. :)

Huh, it became quite the long-winded comment... I hope you like reading... :D Anyways, thank you very much for this awesome game and the experience, and keep up the good work! :)

Heya! Dovah here, the writer/lead dev on Requiescence. Thank you very much for your kind words -- we really love getting such detailed feedback. :) It's super helpful for us as developers to know what you guys want!

Just to address any potential updates to Req in terms of art etc., they may happen at some point in the future, but right now, we're focusing 100% of our efforts on getting new games out. After COB is done and we have a few more under our belt, we may revisit Req and give it some TLC. It was our first project so it's definitely a little rough around the edges.

We've also had similar thoughts ourselves about a lot of the things you mentioned, like having in-route choices matter (in COB, they all contribute towards your ending) and (hopefully) character development. From a writer's standpoint, I'm not fully satisfied with how a lot of aspects of Req turned out, and I tried to make note of things I wasn't happy with so that I could avoid making the same mistakes in COB's story. 

We have our own interpretation for the endings, but we'd like to leave the ultimate decision up to the players. ;) There may be another game in the Requiescence world that takes place on a later timeline, so the real impacts of the "canon" ending might be explained there. However, I will say this: I personally consider Kaul's "bad" ending to be the most ambiguous, and not necessarily a "bad" ending, either. Absalom actually has a sympathetic backstory that makes it difficult for me to really see him as a villain. 

I'm considering releasing the backstories for the characters that I wrote out during Req's planning phase, so that might give a little insight into their personalities as well down the line~ 


I loved the game so far, bought the 18+ version and newly finnished Damiens route. Gonna take Carraults route last. I'm now trying for Kaul, but for some reason, the part were you suppose to choose either to go left, right or go straigt, the go straight option is not there. What should I do/choose to get that option? :-)

Have you tried closing the game and reopening? It's a bug that sometimes appears that we can't figure out :(

(1 edit)

Yes I have tried everything (or I think I have tried everything), but so far it doesn't work. I found a way to go Kauls route. What I have to do is to play the demo first, then the go left, right and straight option is there. I save it where the option is there, then close the demo and play the full version. Load the save then I can click on the "go straight" option and then go from there and it works :-)

Update;I think it didn't work, for some reason all of kauls option route doesn't show up at all, only Damian and Carraults route. Or do I have to finnish both Damian and Carraults route then I get acces to Kauls? Would you guys mind fixing kauls route? I bought the full R-18+ PC version :-)

You'll need to finish both Damian's and Carrault's routes in order to unlock Kaul's route. Hope that fixes everything >_<

I actually found that I had to restart the app after I completed the other two routes, and then I had to click on "apologize" and "keep the man's gaze" in order to start interacting with Kaul's route.


I appreciated the lengthy demo. I normally avoid BL stuff because they so often transcribe tropey gender roles in the worst, most over the top ways...and it just makes me angry lol.

With good writing, I don't care what gender the MC is as long as I can imagine the characters living and breathing.  I had enough confidence to buy the full game after playing the demo. 


Hi there, 

I've got the PG13 version on Steam, I have played through all routes and got all endings, now having found out there was an R18 version, I'd like to go through that one. 

Only I've downloaded the R18 twice, restarted my computer and have started a new game, but it hasn't activated the R18 version. I'm still stuck on PG13, is there a simple way I can activate this?

P.S. I've followed all screenshots and instructions, but nothing has worked, please help!



After downloading the R18 version, are you still launching the game through Steam? The R18 version is a standalone game and would need to be launched from its unzipped folder.

Deleted 6 years ago

I've sorted out the problem, googled it to help me, sorry about that! xD

Thanks for replying and love the VN ^_^


Just wondering, do I have to buy it to play the demo...? I can't click the demo versions and they seem to be included with the files you get after purchase.

Thanks for alerting us to that! You don't need to buy it to play the demo, and the demo should now be available for free download. Let us know if you still can't access it.


I love this game so much! The dynamic between Carrault and Damien is just the best. If you ever make a sequal, I'll buy it so fast it makes your head spin. You guys are awesome!

(1 edit)

I bought the Full Game and cannot download it anymore...only DEMO is available /:

Can you fix it,please?

Thanks for the Steam Key but i love my game DRM free ^^

Hey! Sorry about that...can you see if it's fixed now and get back to us?

Yes,it's fixed *happy dance*

Thank you ^___^

Btw,your game is awesome!

can't get kaul's route heeelp

If you've gotten the good endings for both of the other routes: Make sure you a) have unzipped the files, b) have started a new game, and c) if that doesn't work, close the game and reopen it.

(1 edit)

have to save money and im like oh 10$ doesn't look like much * converts into rands * R133 DOH! Btw do you have a walkthrough

Yup, the walkthrough may be found here: http://blog.argentgames.co/post/150166791939/requiescence-guide-released

The walkthrough link gives me a 404 error. Do you have an updated link?

Updated the link in the README, but you can also find it here. Thanks!


oh my god..this game..its just the best hahahaha! i really like the story and the beautiful music, and the VA is so entertaining i could die x) <3 keep making me laugh my ars off.
other than that i first got Carrault's good ending i believe, so sweet, he totally melts my heart with his smile.
So far on Damian's route im having a great time and cant wait to get to his endings <3
''What was that? a Premature Magical Ejaculation?''
- by Damian

PS. if you skip through the game between choices it sounds like sexy time *nosebleed* i was completely stunned when i first realized. <3

(1 edit) (+1)

We asked some members in our Discord chat to confirm sexy time game skipping.

Can confirm, much nosebleeding. Perhaps in our next game, Chess of Blades, we shall have to add a version that lets you turn off all the VA aside from those grunts/moans/gasps :3

(1 edit) (+1)

That would be interesting :) i think that would be a refreshing option if ppl are not too interested in the talking (i at least found it kinda refreshing when at times, there was just a grunt/moan/gasp/clicking with tongue instead of full voice on every sentence)


Just finished all the routes..and i feel at a complete loss for what to do now since this game have been my life for the past 2 days xD love it <3 i was a bit saddened by Kaul's route since the outcome was a bit different than i thougth it would be, but it was still satisfying to see the last CG so playful <3

I feel Kaul's VA was the most in depth VA in the game, but are biased to Damian's story and character, but prefer Carraults looks xD i wonder what they would look like if their different styles and quirks got merged into one character *q*

You could join our discord and hang out with us as we make our next game (or follow along on some other of our many platforms...itch, twitter, tumblr, gamejolt, fb... etc.) :3. Our kickstarter will be launching soon too, so we'll need to call on your support~

Damian was our baby too :>

We also don't have any fanworks yet... ^w^


Story was really interesting even tho I had no idea what I was doing at the start of the story and I just winged it, my first playthrough got me to Damien's good end which was pretty fun and sweet~ He can be a jerk, but I guess he is that lovable jerk hahaha
So I tried for his "bad" ending next and yes its pretty bad.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
and I have to say it was hard not going for Damien again.

now replaying for either Kaul or Carrault.~


Now on Carrault's route and I am feeling really bad because Damien is still being like a protective mother hen. Maybe im just biased... ahahahaha

Carrault is such a tsundere.


Finished Carrault and Kaul's endings and yes im still biased to Damien. The bad endings were...great*ahem*hot*ahem* hahahaha
I found Carrault's route a bit to fast...maybe...idk... just me hahaha~ At Kaul's ending I thought I did something wrong when I got out of the last altar....WHY'D IT GO THAT WAY TT__TT

But seriously though fun story~!! Its interesting going through the different altars and as I said at first I was so confused at everything that was happening hehehe Characters are all lovable and after a while of playing (and collecting CGs) you get fond of them and just WISH THEY ALL HAVE A GOOD ENDING HUHUHUHU

Great job to the voice actors, couldnt have done any better....tbh couldnt have done it at all even if my life depended on it hahahaha

how do we get kaul's route


Can I just tell you that the writing in this game is amazing? The characters are very well rounded out for a game of it's size. Everything else is amazing, too. I can't handle how awesome this game is!


Hi there! Which version is on Steam? The PG-13 or the R-18? Thanks! Can't wait to play. :)

Only the PG-13 version, unfortunately! Steam rules :(. But the Steam game does include an itch key so that you have access to the R-18 version!

Ok great! I like having my games on Steam, but I want the R-18 version, so that works perfectly. Thank you for the quick reply!

If you purchase through itch, you will also still receive a Steam key :)

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Just finished playing, and *spoilers below*

Uh, besides that =P well done! I dig the art style; it has the feel of some older BL doujin games. The soundtrack is haunting and lovely, and really adds to the unsettling atmosphere of the cathedral.

When you said "Nitro+Chiral inspired" in the Kickstarter, I was prepared for something worse than bad end rape. That wasn't a disappointment for me (I'd say I tolerate darker content more than enjoy it), but might be for someone else.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game! Looking forward to your future projects =)

*damn you for making me ship [certain characters in the redacted route] and then [redacted]

Sorry, my attempt at spoiler tags did not work =(

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Played Damian's route first, and oh my God, I want to have his voice's babies or possibly start a new religion around it. I mean, Damian himself is ok too =P but that VA's my fave.

Possibly an odd request, but would you mind if I use some voice clips from the game to make a custom voice set mod for Baldur's Gate?

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We don't mind if you want to use voice clips, but you might want to contact our Damian voice actor himself! He's absolutely wonderful to work with. If you do just use our voice clips for the mod, definitely link the mod to us when it's ready!


Will do; thank you!


Released here =D

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