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Richter and his boss, Leslie, are private detectives hired
 to help enforce Prohibition in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, when Richter catches the eye of a charismatic mob boss,
a different story falls into place...


Your Dry Delight is a small, noncommercial game by Argent Games! As a historical romantic comedy, it focuses primarily on a lighthearted atmosphere, but we've also taken pains to be historically accurate and touch on some deeper themes related to Prohibition.

Your Dry Delight also features a somewhat different approach to routes: while there are technically 2 romance routes, they tie together at the end of the story, resulting in a single ending.

: BxB romance, Roaring 20s, comedy, drama
Price: Free!!
Platforms: Itch.io, Google Play, Steam!
Rating: PG-13
Length: 20,000 words

: Design, writing, GUI, programming
Gamma: Management, marketing
xYorutenshi: Sprite art
Lesleigh63: Backgrounds
Piaalit: CGs
Elphie: Key visual art
Paul Mottram, Jason Rebello, Ned Sidwell, Tim Garland, Tim Devine, Francisco Renno, Alexander L’estrange, Ben Parry: Music
FairfaxLeasee: Proofreader

Published Jul 03, 2018
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
AuthorArgent Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, LGBT, renpy, Romance


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Your Dry Delight [Windows/Linux] 90 MB
Version 2
Your Dry Delight [Mac] 72 MB
Version 2
Your Dry Delight [Android] 77 MB
Version 2

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i loved your other games i cant wait to play this yay keep up the good work😜

I'm drawn in another temptation of BL game... especially it took the theme of Roaring 20's xD

The approach of same conclusion through different perspectives, accompanied with those rich quotes, is very appreciated ^^


I love this so much and really hope to see more games from you guys!

Also, Leslie is adorable, indeed.


Hi again! I got parts 2 and 3 up on my channel. 

 Do I have to just keep playing to unlock boss man too?

Very fun game so far.


okay this game is fantastic why is it free? this was great. great job

walkthrough? No video/YouTube walkthroughs please.



For a game that is free, this is top quality! I really enjoyed the story and the music is great. I love Meyer's witty personality and Leslie's child-like (but serious at times) charm.  You've won me over with these two loveable characters. 

The character art is absolutely beautiful! Well done to the artist. I love the panning scenes with the background as well, it feels like I'm watching a tv show rather than playing a game. 

I can't sing your team enough praise, seriously, great job on this! =D


This is such a beautiful game, can't get enough of it, keep up the good work :-)


Enjoyed this throwback to the prohibition days visual novel. It reminds me alot of another game i've played. I think it was called the blind griffin. The theme was around the same time but, different story ideas. It had the same slang as, implemented here where if there was a slang word you could click on it and, get the definition. Really cool what you did here either way.

Even thought this was a short game I really did enjoy it! Another job well done!!


...Huh? Realised? When did that happend? How could I missed it?! Dutifuly downloading now and playing this beautiful gem


Hey, I played through Meyer's route. It's really amazing so far. I love his characterization! The writing and art is really good. I'll have to try out Leslie's soon. Can I put a Let's Play up of it? I'd like to.

Thanks for releasing the game! Happy it's free too. August is fun.


Thank you for the kind words! And certainly, we'd love to see any Let's Plays!


Thanks. I uploaded the first ep under my YT account Schrient. It's pretty fun so far!

Hi! I stumbled across your game and I thought it was interesting so as I was about to download it I realized it wasn't available for macOS :c I was curious on whether it would be available eventually though?


Hello! It will be available for Mac (through itch and Steam), just not iOS (app store).

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Oh okay cool! Is the demo going to be available for Mac in the meantime? I look forward to playing the game once it's available and thanks for replying :)

The full game will be free, so there won't be a separate demo. You're welcome!

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Oh okay cool. I'll just wait for the full game to come out for Mac and I will for sure download and play it then :)

Hi there! This VN sounds like it might be fun! I hope you can release it! Will there be a demo or is the whole game going to be free on release?

Good luck!

The full game will be free! 


Very nice! Thanks for replying!


AAAH I love VNs in that setting / time period! So hyped!

I'm curious about the route system since you say it has two routes but a single ending. Can't really imagine how that would work but oh well, I'll see.

Lately I've been playing a lot of Red Embrace, even though I didn't test the newest route yet, but I must admit that while I loved the story, characters and art in that one, I'm not a huge fan of the choice/stat system you used. But it's nice to see you try new things with each new game!


why pg 13 again? your R18's are so much better.


While some of our games have and will include R-18 content, many will not, both to make them suitable for Google Play/Steam content restrictions and because not every story needs adult scenes. 


Please make it onto steam, if  this won‘t be too trouble. I live in China, and get a horrible download speed with foreign network. இдஇ So I got all your previous works from steam
Also I love 1920s and detective story as my life!!! Can't wait for playing it!

Request heard, it's coming to Steam! The store page is up so you can add it to your Steam wishlist (in fact, please do as it will help the game reach more people when it's released :)) https://store.steampowered.com/app/913010/Your_Dry_Delight/


Thank you so much!!!! I just finish playing it ten minutes ago. It is more wonderful than my imagination .Only one thing I have to say, it‘s toooooo short.( Could not complain about that, after all it's free XD) Just wonder would there be some kind of sequel for this game by any chance ? 

And also looking forward to your next work (*≧▽≦)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! At this time, there is no plan to create a sequel.