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Richter and his boss, Leslie, are private detectives hired
 to help enforce Prohibition in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, when Richter catches the eye of a charismatic mob boss,
a different story falls into place...


Your Dry Delight is a small, noncommercial game by Argent Games! Though primarily intended as a short and cute experience, this project is also a little experimental. 

For one thing, we've hired a fantastic outside writer, Lunaterra, to work on a script outlined by our normal writer, Dovah. We're considering hiring more writers in the future to increase the number of projects we can work on! 

Your Dry Delight also features a somewhat different approach to routes: while there are technically 2 romance routes, they tie together at the end of the story, resulting in a single (but hopefully satisfying) ending.

: BxB romance, Roaring 20s, comedy, drama
Price: Free!!
Platforms: Itch.io, Google Play, possibly Steam!
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~12,000 words

Estimated Release Date: Summer-Fall 2018

: Design lead, story outline, GUI, programming
Gamma: Management, marketing
Lunaterra: Writing
xYorutenshi: Sprite art
Elphie: Key visual art

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