Fixed Isaac Ending #1 resetting

Bugfix for:

  • Isaac Ending #1 would reset after closing the game


  • Certain saves might be incompatible with this update. Make a backup before downloading the update if you're concerned about your saves.


[Full Game] Red Embrace (Windows/Linux) 235 MB
Version 6 May 17, 2020
[Full Game] Red Embrace (Mac) 314 MB
Version 6 May 17, 2020

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What about the play store version is that one updated as well?

Android (both on itch and the play store) have not yet been updated.

Ok, thank you :)

hi ^^ - is this fix automatically applied to the steam version?

There should be an update in the Steam version that also fixes achievements not showing up. There was one report of a problem with seen text (that we can't reproduce), and a problem with certain saves being incompatible though, so you might want to make a backup.

ok thank you ^^