December 29th, 1996—Miami, FL.

At the bottom of a downward spiral, Beth has nowhere else to go.

Then, she meets a lonely stranger on the rooftop—
A man who can unravel her deepest thoughts. 

When he offers her a chance at a new beginning
in another, darker world, Beth finds herself faced with a choice.

Will she try to remake her life and fix her mistakes,
or will she throw everything away for a new existence?

Her ultimate fate is up to you.

Features List

★ 7,000 words

★ 2 endings

★ 30-45 minutes playtime

★ Dark trip-hop soundtrack

★ Accessibility: Closed captions, OpenDL font,
partial screen reader and keyboard navigation support, font scaling

Red Embrace: Mezzanine is a short, free visual novel/point-and-click game set in the vampire-themed Red Embrace universe. 

It is a prologue for Red Embrace: Paradisusan upcoming narrative RPG.
While RE:P's setting/characters are mostly different, the storyline is hinted at in Red Embrace: Mezzanine.

Previous Red Embrace titles include the original game (a BxB visual novel) and Red Embrace: Hollywood (any gender MC, a long VN with many endings).


This game contains strong language and references to substance abuse, depression, and suicide. Player discretion is advised. 


Management/Programming/Background Art

Character Art
Soan Valentine

Key Visual
Sonia Grobelny


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[FULL GAME] Red Embrace: Mezzanine (Windows) 125 MB
Version 4
[FULL GAME] Red Embrace: Mezzanine (Mac) 135 MB
Version 4
[FULL GAME] Red Embrace: Mezzanine (Linux) 140 MB
Version 3

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Hello there!
Would you be able to explain what you mean by "partial screen reader and keyboard support" in the game's description?  I'm building a collection of fully blind accessible games and it would help. :) Thanks!


This was amazing. I'm currently in a similar position to Beth in which a path I was meant to take ended up falling apart and I've had to start at zero again. So to see Beth presented with the chances to either start a new life in Boston or go into a new world was very comforting. Vast is full of wisdom and his profound words were moving. I felt so bad for Beth. It seems the life she was living didn't quite work out, and the boyfriend wasn't very nice either. I hope she will have a better path from now on. Also...THE ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL HOLY MOLY


Ok but "Vast" telling Beth to find him at 9:15 pm made me tear up a bit. :')

can i ask what 9:15 means?


It's a minor reference to a previous game in the series--Red Embrace: Hollywood. :)

Oh, I think I should replay REH again :D

Btw REH is fantastic.  Pls keep it up with REP.  I'm really looking forward to it.


When I download the Mac version it says it damaged????

What Mac OS are you running?


When I first saw Vast I was like: "Did Markus cut his hair and loose his accent..?"  And then he says something about having memories ....! Awww! So excited for the next game!


Oh I got both ends <3 Yay


Loved the feeling ofthe appartment and Vast as a character with the wink to Markus! 

One question: in the end I got a black screen with the music looping and I listened for like 5 minutes but couldn't tell if something was off or it that was meant to be the end without it literally telling me it was? 

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The ending of the game should fade to black, show credits, and then send you back to the main menu. Can you recall which choices you selected/which ending you reached? It sounds like there may be a bug!


I chose to let Vast turn Beth and I stuck to the more aloof answers in their dialogue and picked choices that said there was nothing left for Beth in her current life so she might as well try a different kind of life. Hope that helps!

Thanks! Could you tell us where exactly the black screen/music looping occurred (after the scene faded to black after the final CG of Beth, or earlier)? Did the credits never appear at all?

No problem! I didn't see a final CG of Beth and no credits either. I read about getting bitten and that was it.

Ahh, okay! If you should have spare time at some point to skip through again with similar choices, we made a new build that may or may not fix it. If you get stuck again, please let us know.

Build link: 


This was a very interesting game to play.
It definitely has me excited for the next game! 

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I saw your email and played the game all the way through and I got one of the endings. It was pretty wild and I enjoyed it. I hope Beth and Vast find what they're looking for.


Is there just the one ending cause I really didn't like the friends attitude towards somebody with wasn't comfortable with them leaving with the friend


There are two endings.

Deleted 349 days ago

Hello! Did you download the most recent build (from yesterday)? 

Deleted 349 days ago

Your Red Embrace games never dissapoint! Always so atmospheric, the music, the visuals, the melancholia. Can't wait for the new one in Las Vegas :)


There is something wrong with the game when I try to download it. I downloaded every file of the game, but I keep getting some weird error message or something.

Could you tell us what the error is? What platform are you attempting to run the game on?

It says that it failed to load mono. If it means the Mono folder, then I definitely downloaded that to my computer. Windows/PC

Did you fully unzip all the files into a folder on your computer? If that doesn't work, does the browser version of the game work for you?



Do you have any plans to add a male MC? :)


No, this game is complete as is.


Aww okay. Any plans for another Red Embrace game with a customizable MC? :)


Yes, please look forward to the next Red Embrace game. You will be able to customize your pronouns and appearance.

I'll be there :)


Oooh, I have so many questions. Is Vast who I think he is? What does this imply about the next game? How does it tie in? But most of all, I'm hyped for what comes next. Great experience, just as moody (in a good way: atmospheric maybe is what I mean) and thoughtful as I've come to expect!