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is there a walkthrough for this

Hi, so sorry for the question, is there a way to just buy the Android versions? I won't be owning a computer/laptop any time soon, and well, I wouldn't really be using the other ones. Again, sorry and thank you, I love your games :) <3

Hi, there is no way to buy just the Android version on itch, but the cost of the game includes both PC and Android versions. There wouldn't be any discount for just an Android purchase from here. If you really want to own only an Android version, the game is available on the Google Play store, but that version is missing some censored content.

in [DEMO] Chess of Blades [Windows/Linux] doesn't work the R-18 patch?

Correct, the R-18 patch is only applicable to the full game.

Estoy tratando de jugar desde Android pero al momento de presionar en "comprar" no pasa nada y no consigo el juego, ¿Hay algún problema?

Are you having this problem through the Google Play store or the itch store?

En la tienda de 

I can't get the patch to work in steam, as there is no Read Me file, and the contents are different.
I can't move parts of it without breaking the file somehow. 
Pls send help

Can you provide more details about your setup? Are you on Mac, Linux, or Windows? Did you download  patch.rar or


I'm on a Windows, I don't know which one I downloaded though. @_@ I have this right now, does it look correct or do I still need to move stuff?




I got the game last year and I didn't believe I'd actually get around to playing it anytime soon with my work schedule. 

This is in fact true; I only finished all three routes plus the bonus hidden route in the span of two days. It's an underrated game and I enjoyed Franz' and Sabre's route most of all.  Truthfully, I wouldn't mind if there was more backstory, a sort of after story for what happened after the happily ever after stage, just to keep up with them. Or even more background, potentially an actual meeting of Rivian's dad, or the King, etc. 

10/10 will recommend.

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yikes the mc voice, I can totally see why it was chosen, and it was done very well. this is just my honest opinion but it don't like it XD I was hoping something a bit more boyish and somewhat cute. however I am leaving this comment because you guys really were super considerate in allowing us to directly choose the sound lvl of certain voices or to just turn off some completely! that was really nice and considerate to people that may not agree with certain voice actors/actresses.


I find his voice really funny because I can't figure out what kinda accent they were going for. The voice actor does capture the kinda obnoxious vibe I get from the words the MC uses though, so def a good choice.
But I don't know if the voice actors are English but the accents used are veryyyy confusing and funny.


Hello, will this game have an otome version available? I love your games


Hi, there are no other versions or sequels planned for this game. Thanks for the question!

hello.years ago I buy chess of blade on steam, and recently i found that there is the  R 18, I tried to found the steam key to dowload it the 18 version but is doesn´t appaer anaything, what can i do ?( also i noticed when i buy it, there was another that was a delux or something like that, does it affect if i only buy the normal one and not the delux ?)


If you have the game on Steam, then you can just download the patch and follow instructions for installing it. Instructions are listed on the store page and also in the text file within the patch. There is no Steam R18 version that does not need to be patched.

For any deluxe version, you might be referring to bundles with the music or the artbook? They do not affect the game.

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Hey I downloaded the android version and it plays fine for a few screens until Silas shows up and then I get an error screen. Any way to fix this? 

Can you send a screenshot of the error? What Android device are you on (android version, device type)?

Here's a screenshot. I'm using a Pixel 4a and android version 11. The sound still plays fine after the error, just no image.

Thanks! We'll work on an update for that. In the  meantime, you should still be able to continue playing (if you do not want to wait for an update) by selecting the IGNORE option.

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If I hit ignore, it just brings up more error screens... So I'll wait for an update. Thanks for the help and your time!

Hi! Please let us know if there are any issues with the latest update!

because I don’t see the in instructions


hey I got the game on steam and got the R-18 game but I need a little help to download the R-18 game I have windows, if u can show me that would be helpful 

Hello! I was wondering if there's a way to get the R18 version on my phone?

Yes, download the version that says R18 for Android.


Will you ever make more routes


No, the game is complete as is :)

Hey, I purchased the game on steam, is there a way for me to get the android version? 

Love your work btw :)


The Android version is only available through an purchase or through a Google Play purchase (not recommended, only censored version available).

Hey! Just want to say i'm a big fan and played almost all of your games! I recently bought COB on steam and am trying to install the R18 patch but none of the instructions actually line up with my steam files.

 I've linked pictures to explain.

When I click COB -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files, this is what comes up. As you can see, there is no 'game' folder, only the icon to run the actual game. 

I have also gone into my Mac folder for COB but there is no 'Autorun' folder that contains the 'game' folder within the 'Resources' folder. 

As you can see, there is only an icon within the 'resources' folder, no 'autorun' folder. I attempted to place the patch in the folder regardless and it didn't work.

I also attempted to place it within the 'macOS' folder and it also didn't work. If you could advise me what to do and how to install the patch, I would be so so so grateful! 

Thanks for making these amazing games and regardless of the patch working or not, you have a forever fan of your content in me!

For Mac, you'll need to "Show Package Contents" of the game. Screenshots below are for Red Embrace, but the same applies to CoB.


Thank you!

I paid for this game but I can't get it to play

Can you provide more details on the issue?

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Hello there!

I bought your game in the google play store and just learned afterwards that there's an +18 version available as well. Is it possible to unlock it in the game I already bought, or do I have to buy the whole game again on Steam to get the +18 version?

Thanks for your amazing work!




You would need to purchase the game again if you want the 18+ content, either here or through Steam. Purchasing through Steam will not provide an Android version.

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Hi! I don't really know how to install the 18+ patch. I don't think anything is wrong I'm just not to good with working with computers ;_; so if there is like a guide that I could follow to download the patch that would be great. 


There should be instructions in README.txt included in the patch zip/rar file.

Hi  I am new here.  I bought the game from steam a few years back (learning of r18 only two days ago) and then on this website I downloaded the R18 patch that was under demo since I could not find it else where.  It works but I cannot go to Sabre's route and I did try guided route from the internet.  Can I please get some advice?  

Did you try skipping through the game from the beginning with the correct choices?


I forgot to do ardens route first. Since I downloaded the game onto a new laptop.  Thank you for your reply and guides.  I love your games. 

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Paid for this Full Game w/VA][R-18][Android] Chess of Blades version just end up like demo... android user wasted



Can you elaborate what the bug is? Does the game end at the demo even though it is supposed to be the full version?

Are you working on anything new? I'm seriously obsessed with all of your works!

Yes! We just launched a Kickstarter for our latest project: Self-Checkout Unlimited (

Actually, that game sounds like it would be super amazing to play! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Thanks! If you get a chance, we hope you'll check out the demo and share the project with your friends :)

OwO I'm new here so, is the R18 patch available on Android or is it already in the game? I just wanna ask to be sure.

The R18 patch is already in-game in the Android version available from here.

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I love this game so much it was so much fun and the art and everything was great. I wish their was a route for Alistair or Silas that would be the best, but it was still really good even though it didn't have them as options. It would be the best if you could make routes for them, if you wanted to that is. I'm sure that sense more people know about it you could get more people to help if you need it and I'm sure they would love to help you if you needed it. Thank you so much for the game it was wonderful.

I brought the full package, but somehow I can not start the R-18 patch. Could you please help me with this litte problem? I play the game on steam. 

Thank you :)

What part are you having difficulty with? Finding the folder to place the files in? What operating system are you using (Windows/Mac/Linux)?

I use Windows 10 Home, and I don't find the folder to place it in the files.

Sorry I forgot to write it.

Right click on the game in your Steam library, then go to Browse local files. You'll find the "game" folder there and should be able to follow the rest of the instructions in the patch.

Hello I want to ask you something 

I already download in on google play and buy the packet can I apply the R-18 patch


Hello, you cannot apply the R18 patch to Android/mobile versions. The patch only works for PC versions.

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I keep dying on like the second day of the game and I don't know how to make it stop. Just "Good night" and then title screen. Please help DX

Edit:  I cant get past the demo it seems. I'm playing on a windows, and downloaded the 18+ full game. I'm providing a picture of what I downloaded. 

You may have to start from the beginning with your choices to avoid the death ending. There's a guide available here.

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Hello! I realize that the Android install instructions for the game are explained, but I'm having issues following through. I've tried asking the internet for help but can't manage to figure out how to do each step, and was hoping anyone could at least gimmie a push the right direction? Much thanks!

Hello! We've updated the instructions for installing the Android version. You'll need to unzip the file after downloading it to your phone. You might need to search the Play store for an app that can unzip files. Then, if only one file (.apk) appears, clicking it should lead you to installation instructions. If two files appear, try to follow the installation instructions.

A bit expensive but looks pretty nice

Hello, I have some questions to ask:

1) If I buy the game on steam can I apply the R18 patch?

2) Are the sex scenes voiced in the patch? 

I have to buy the game on here to get voiced sex scenes?

1) Yes, you can apply R18 patch to the game purchased on Steam. Itch has a convenient build that already includes the R18 scenes.

2) Yes.


Played this with a friend, and honestly thinking of buying this just to have myself! Lin was my favorite, but Sabre's nsfw art and scene was... oh my. XD <3333

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Hi, this game is really great. The voice actor is good too. I just want to suggest something, a slightly chubby or stocky dateable character maybe for your other games? Since I like that type of character but its only a suggestion tho. Other than that, keep up with a bunch great game.

Deleted post

Hi! The Sabre route is not working for me. I tried both the R-18 pc version and the PG-13 w/ R-18 patch. I found a route guide online and it appears I'm not getting one of the choice scenes I'm missing is required, it's just skipping it completely. Was this route discontinued or changed?

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Hello, the route was not changed. Can you send us an email ( with more details on the missing choice scene? Have you already completed Arden's route?


this is the most expensive game i've seen on, why so expensive? it had better be well worth it if i'm paying more than $10 for a game on because most games here are not worth more than  $5 even so if u are charging $25 then the game better be one of the best of it's genre ever imo (i'm not buy if u couldn't tell $25 is way too much for an 18+ visual novel, maybe if the price goes below $10 i will think about it)

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I am having the darndest time trying to install the r-18 patch. Full game was bought with steam key.  I am not too computer savy, is there any guide on how to find the file and install it? I clicked on the above and it showed it downloaded but where do I go from there?  I cannot seem to find the READ ME tzt file and unzipping didn't seem to work. :(  I wish that you made this more user friendly.  Can you implement the download from steam itself in the future?

Ps Love the game so far :)

Hello, more detailed instructions can be found here.

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Hi, I think your game chess of blades is really cool the art and the storyline is amazing butt... everytime  I open it it has a traceback stating that the background png for day 2 (the festival thing after you talk to Linnaeus) doesn't exist..... ( this is for the demo)

Hi, We've updated the build to address that bug, thanks! That is also the end of the demo. 

Oh, thanx but I'm really curious which one of these games is your first?

In order of game release:

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