You can now grab SCU and its soundtrack on Itch or Steam! If you encounter any bugs or issues, please email and alert us of the issue.

Release Notes

- An experimental Mac build will be available on our page, but is not confirmed bug-free

- The game is made in Unreal Engine and will require higher computer specs to run smoothly than our previous games

- Playing with sound is highly recommended

- Very partial controller support is available! Currently, you can look and move around with a controller but cannot navigate any user interface items

- Content warning: This game contains bright lights and flashing images that may cause discomfort or seizures for players with photosensitive epilepsy. It also contains sequences of eerie gameplay and minor jumpscares/startling moments, but it is not a horror game.

If you're not already on our Discord, come pay us a visit and chat fans of our games!

Thanks for all the support during the dev process of our first 3D title! We already have two other games (visual novels) in the works and more ambitious projects planned, so keep an eye out!

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