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An empty shopping mall after closing time.

Lost and alone inside a pristine relic of the past.

As sunset slowly approaches, navigate between surreal stores with only two cheerful PA announcers to keep you company. Can you unravel the mystery of your journey before it's time to say goodbye?

"Thank you for choosing Wilson Center Mall—a single stop for everything you'll ever need!"

Inspired by the 8-circuit model of consciousness, the mallsoft/"dead mall" genre, and the book Prometheus Rising, Self-Checkout Unlimited is a unique exploration of both mind and matter.

Genre: Adventure, exploration, philosophical, surreal
Length: Short (~1-2 hrs, replayable)
Est. Release: September 2020

-Explore a nostalgic late 90s/early 2000s indoor mall
-Relaxing atmosphere with minor puzzles and no time limits
-Different story elements based on your choices
-"Free Mall" mode—upon completion of the main game, explore the full mall and surreal areas freely
-An original soundtrack inspired by smooth mall jazz and surreal dreamy vaporwave/slushwave

CONTENT WARNING: This game contains bright lights and flashing images that may cause discomfort or seizures for players with photosensitive epilepsy. It also contains sequences of eerie gameplay and minor jumpscares/startling moments, but it is not a horror game.

-Design Lead/Writing/Programming: Dovah
-Management: Gamma
-3D Modeling/Textures: Alec Ziskind
-Music: Sebastien Zunino, desert sand feels warm at night
-Voice Acting: Katie Flamman, Michael Schwalbe
-Concept/Promo Art: Jarid Scott, Axiom Design 


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Version 1
Self-Checkout Unlimited [Mac] 2 GB
Version 1
Self-Checkout Unlimited [Linux] 2 GB
Version 1
(Demo) Self-Checkout Unlimited [Linux] 544 MB
Version 1

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(DEMO) Self-Checkout Unlimited [Windows] 491 MB
Version 3
(Demo) Self-Checkout Unlimited [Mac] 546 MB
Version 2

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wow, that was wonderful, and a lot more emotional than i was expecting. definitely one to file away in the "suggest friends check it out but also not read too much about it before they do" pile.


At the risk of sounding overly-emotional I have to admit I nearly cried playing this game. The parking lot scene made my chest hurt with a weird feeling of longing. I did not think I would find transcendence in an abandoned shopping mall and yet here we are. The graphics are simple but stunning. This game reminded me what it is I want to create in my own work and what I want to make others feel. An absolute gem, I would highly recommend this one.


I have played through your game on Twitch. It was very fun. I enjoyed how you combined talking about life while exploring a dead mall. I will definitely have to replay it again sometime. I give it a 5/5 rating.


COOL and Aesthetic

(1 edit) (+5)

Gave it a nice relaxing longplay -