Almost done with all the assets and programming! Timeline update~

Hello everyone! This past month has been filled with tons of progress on all fronts. CGs are chugging along, programming is almost done, and the OST is complete save for an extra bonus track we decided to add. Backer rewards are also in the works! 

We're working hard towards an end of August release, with the beta period coming up quick, so be on the lookout for that. 

Add the game on your Steam wishlists if you haven't yet done so! It'll greatly help out when the game is released.

You'll be able to find many more images and Ask responses over at our blog, but we've attached some choice ones below!

Q: Will the romance go deeper in RE:H than it has gone in other  games of yours, or it’s not what you want to be focusing on on this one  in particular?

A: This is a really good–and complicated–question!

The easiest answer is that RE:H is not focused on romantic tension.  If the player wants to engage one of the mentors romantically, they  definitely can–but there aren’t many dramatic artificial roadblocks that  keep the two apart. In fact, the MC and chosen mentor can enter an  informal relationship fairly early on, and romantic overtones/choices  are then factored into their following interactions.

Overall, the game is more focused on deeply exploring the characters’  natures, creating a stronger emotional bond that works with or without  romance on top. Because you can spend more time with the characters and  learn more about them, it’s likely that the romance will feel “deeper,”  but that connection also works on a platonic level.

You may learn interesting things through just “friendship” that you  can’t in a romantic relationship, and vice versa…so consider exploring  both paths!

Q: How many endings will there be?

A: While our final word count estimate has grown, we’ve consolidated  some endings to have about 17 total. Some will be similar, others wildly  different, but all will help form a more complete picture of the  characters. We hope you’ll discover them all and share with us your  reactions to them!

Q: This is a question for all our LIs: Imagine you could  interview MC - what would be your most important question? What would  you like to talk about the most?


Heath: “What’s the thing you long for above everything else?”

Randal: “How far will you go for what you believe in?”

Markus: “Why do you continue to endure?”

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I'm so excited for this game.


I found your's game yesterday and play demo is my best time. I can't wait for full version ^^