Update v1.1

Thanks for all the feedback! We love reading all of your reactions. We've made some minor updates and bugfixes to make the endings a little more intuitive to achieve and romancing characters easier. 

We hope it'll be more enjoyable, but do please let us know if you're still encountering difficulties or oddities!


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Version 1 Sep 02, 2019
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Version 1 Sep 02, 2019

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Love the game so far. Quick question though, can you give us some small tips and hints as to how to achieve each character's special ending?What kind of action is needed? (for example: Do they require a certain personality beside being the same house? Should we coddle them *cough cough heath* or encourage them to stand up for themselves? Are there certain event requirements?)

A detailed guide would be awesome, but even some general direction would be nice ahahahha

Hello there! 

When a special ending is unlocked—the required ending(s) to unlock it are in the Extras menu Ending list—play a MC that matches the chosen mentor’s House. From there, all relevant special ending choices will be highlighted red. Follow as many as you can and you should be able to get the ending! 

Thank you for this!