Update v1.5

  • Fixed missing  movie title to Heath's gift
  • Increased difficulty of getting saved by an extremely magnanimous faction


[Mac] Red Embrace: Hollywood 589 MB
Version 6 Sep 05, 2019
[Windows/Linux] Red Embrace: Hollywood 605 MB
Version 7 Sep 05, 2019

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Should i download each individual update or will downloading the most recent one work? Love the game btw!!:)

Downloading the most recent update will work, and if you use the itch app, the game will update automatically.



First of all, thanks for your reply last time. I already got Heath's special ending unlocked.

But now I'm stuck on how to unlock Randal's special ending haha. Namely, how exactly do I become regent of the LA mosquitoes? (I figured I need to get the ending where I support the rebellion or become my own faction while under Randal's mentor ship in order to trigger the unock) So far I tried playing as a mavyar under Randal's tutelage and tried to kiss as many buts as possible, but my reputation with the Iscari and Golgothas are still dismally low all the way up to the ending. So unless I side with the rebellion, I get my brains blown out *cries*

Is there a certain personality I should go for? Should I act all aggressive and confident when talking to Randal or more contemplative? Or should I switch up my house for a stat boost? Or is my thought process wrong all together?

Great game by the way. Loved Heath's special ending. My heart  was crushed  before being thrown into the juice blender. Can't wait to see what Randal's special ending will do to me =v=


Hello! Glad to hear Heath's SE got all worked out. You should be able to raise your reputation with all factions to a decently high amount by the end. All Houses will have the same stat boost in their respective factions, though certainly some factions are easier to boost rep in-game than others.

Good luck on becoming regent! We believe in you.

Dear god im having the exact same problem. I replayed Randel's Route and although i was able to meet like 3 new people (including the Gol Dreamwalker lady with the cute hair who increases your stats with a faction) but i still ended up in the Sad King Randel ending. It breaks my heart to see him lost. T-T