Your Customized MC

MC Customization in RE:H

It’s time to finally reveal the appearance of the MC--who goes by he, she, or they--and the many options you’ll get to customize your appearance!

As mentioned in our info post for RE:H, your customized MC will appear in CGs. This is the only reason why we don’t have options like additional hairstyles, different facial features, and different outfits planned--the CG changes would be much costlier and more numerous.

However, if we hit a high Kickstarter stretch goal, it’s still possible! Help us raise the funds to provide more options for your unique vampire appearance by pledging to the game when we launch September 28th.

Remember, you can be anything--because you’re already dead.


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First of all, the art style is beautiful and all of the example MC's look cute. 


What I see in illustrations now are girls with slightly different facial features and coloring, some of them flat-chested. But still GIRLS. 

See, I'm not sure what exactly is the case, but I'm going to blame the hair. Long hair wasn't a problem for the Red Embrace MC, he still looked like a guy, but here I'd have to stretch my imagination muscles to the limit in order to be able to see any MC as male with options that are available now. If more facial variations are not going to happen, then a short hairstyle would really help. Please make this a goal if everything goes as planned with the Kickstarter?

What a beautiful MC!  Lots of great choices for customization.  I'm a little sad there's no red hair, but maybe that could be a possibility if the Kickstarter does well.

they look so awesome :0