Kickstarter progress, community events, and freebies, with a small bug fix!

119% funded

With 16 days to go, we've almost hit our first stretch goal of more bonus art and extended scenes! (Kickstarter link here.)

We've been releasing some promotional posters as well--they all hint at what awaits you. The high-res versions have been uploaded to the same folder as the free wallpapers we released leading up to the Kickstarter.

Also, in case you missed it, we created a Which Vampire House Are You? quiz.

Markus interviews Heath--Next, Saorise!

Last weekend, Markus interviewed Heath for his weekly interview series, From the Top of Hollywood. The answers were...interesting, to say the least. Check it out if you're interested in his responses! All questions are player-submitted.

This weekend, he'll be intervieweing Saorise! He's still taking question submissions, so submit a question to @like_a_heretic (or our Tumblr Ask box or if Twitter is unavailable).

Social Media Goals Update

330/333 points to the next goal of a Bonus CG in RE:H

Fanart contest

There's still a chance to submit to our fanart contest! You can check out some of the entries on @like_a_heretic and @argent_games.

Bug Fix in the demo

There was a small but important bug that we have recently squashed relating to the House assignment at the beginning of the game. Please update if you were having some trouble getting a House other than Iscari!


[DEMO] [PC/Linux] Red Embrace: Hollywood 331 MB
Version 3 Oct 09, 2018
[DEMO] [Mac] Red Embrace: Hollywood 314 MB
Version 3 Oct 09, 2018
[DEMO] [Android] Red Embrace: Hollywood 281 MB
Version 6 Oct 09, 2018

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I can't wait for this! Please tell me there's a tentative release date?

We're working hard towards a Spring 2019 release!

The art is beautiful, the music is entrancing, the atmosphere overall is mystical and magical, and I'm effectively hooked. and I look forward to the rest of the game