Customization, music, script updates; Q&A session(s); Fanart contest winners

Been a bit of a while since we last posted an dev log, so this one's going to be pretty long as it summarizes almost two months!

MC Customization

All MC customization options are finalized now! We have:

  • Masculine and Feminine jawlines and busts
  • 3 hairstyles (long, medium, short)
  • 5 hair colors
  • 3 eye colors
  • 3 skin tones
  • Optional eye makeup, piercings, earrings, and necklaces/chokers

All accessories/customization will be reflected in CGs!


We're working with the very talented composer Murcielo, and here are a couple of snippets from recently completed tracks.

Script update

Players now have the option to not have a romantic relationship with your mentor.

Characters Q&A

As one of the Kickstarter social media goals, we held a live Q&A session with the RE:H cast in our Discord server. If you missed it, a kind community member has helped us compile the session into a document. We'll be holding another session again at a later time, so please do join us if you can! Announcement about the session will appear on our  Twitter.

Fanart Contest Winners

We received many wonderful submissions, and it was a tough decision to choose but three winners. You can check out all the submissions at the link. From left to right: LemonyLulu's Heath, Gwen Young's Saorise and MC, and Erion Makuo's Heath and MC.  Larger images at the link.

Android build with older Ren'Py version

We've seen some comments about how the Android version of the game closes immediately after launching. Please try the newly uploaded build, attached to this post, and let us know if it works/doesn't work!


[DEMO][Android][Renpy 6.99] Red Embrace: Hollywood 210 MB
Version 1 Dec 10, 2018

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great would be awesome if we´d have glasses too, it´s a good option of customization, looking forward to the game : )