Current progress, more BGs and music, script, etc.

An update about all the progress we've made over the past few weeks!

Includes: Music, Sprites, BGs, Script, Asks, Q&A, and a new blog.


We've released snippets from three new tracks


City sky bg teaser

BH bg teaser

S bg teaser


Randal raises an arm in exasperation.

Heath rubs his chin in contemplation.

Sao head turn.

Markus third pose.


Randal's route is complete, and Heath's route is roughly 65% written!

A wild Mickey Mouse appears

From Randal's route

Heath script snippet

Heath spaces out before a meeting

Heath confession

What could he possibly be confessing

Second in-character Q&A

Transcript available here!

New Blog

We have a new blog, having migrated away from Tumblr, that you can subscribe to via RSS. You can also send in any questions you might have regarding RE:H or any of our other games! We compile answers weekly, and you can find the first two sets of answers here and here.

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