Script, BG, backer characters, free wallpaper, and more updates galore


Some exciting progress on the script--Heath's route is complete, and Markus' route is well underway!

Heath script.

Not with a whimper but a bang

Though it is recommended to play Markus' route last, it is not necessarily the "true" route. We're getting some interesting insights into other characters with his route...

Markus script

Backer characters

Our wonderful artist Sh00 has begun sketching some of the Kickstarter backer characters, and they are already quite fabulous. You'll get to chat with them in some of the side conversations, perhaps finding some extra spice in your playthrough~

backers teaser


Although many a background in RE:H are glamorous, some are on the less savory side--

SS bg teaser

BR bg teaser



Abbey Road Promo

Full resolution (Art by: @experiment_84 on Twitter)

Abbey Road parody.

I am he as you are he as you are me; and we are all together

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Oof making me all excited for the full games release!