All character routes and sprites complete!

Some very exciting news for this month's update!! 

Markus' route--Complete!

Markus' route was just finished today, bringing all character routes to completion! 

There's still some work left on the common route and side characters, plus editing/proofreading, but the bulk of the writing is done. Next up: programming, which should be fairly speedy!

The end of a journey?


All character sprites, including backer characters, are complete! Some stats:

  • 11 main characters (12 including MC)
  • 7 minor/backer characters
  • Lots of head, arm, and full body pose variations
  • Tons of expressions (´_ゝ`)
  • Accessory changes for some characters

Many thanks to the wonderful work of our artist sh00, whose awesome efforts will help make RE:H into a uniquely dynamic experience!

Another backer char

One of the last backer characters

More Backgrounds

Though we had said all backgrounds were finished, we decided that we really needed a couple more.

Following is a WIP of a car interior BG! Are you ready to explore the streets of Hollywood?


Music Teaser

 Another music teaser, this one for a less pleasant ambience...where might it be used?


A compilation of some questions from our Ask Box for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related. 

Q: Does the House your character belongs to determine which mentor you can choose?

A: Nope! You can choose any mentor with any House character. You’ll  also get some interesting text (and maybe choice) variations based on  your House for each route, so try out different combinations!

However, each mentor’s “special ending” can only be achieved with a  character of the same House. You might want to save the matching  playthrough for last~

Q: Does the house of a Sire determine in which house their childe ends up?

A: Yes indeed. Vampires typically choose candidates who meet their  House’s standards to bite (though not all the time, which can result in  conflicting natures). A turned vampire will always inherit the strengths  and weaknesses of their sire’s House.

Over time, a vampire can adopt characteristics of other Houses,  especially if they spend extended periods of time with them. Their true  nature usually remains strongest, but personality aspects and even minor  powers may bleed over–either consciously or subconsciously.

In the next update, we'll have some in-game screenshots as well as more music and art to show!

As always, you can find more detailed updates on our Blog, and if you have not yet, do join us on our official Discord server. 

P.S. Did you hear about our other upcoming game? 

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Umm.. MC-guy could look .. more masculine? A bit, at least? Please?)


so awesome that all routes are finished!!! do you have a possible eta? will it be earlier than september?

I'm excited to see how a guy like Markus fall in love. :">

I think it would be dominant\submissive game))))


OOF I am so excited this game is nearing completetion I've been looking forward to it for so long!