Release date update, new screenshots, CGs, and updated demo in-progress!

IMPORTANT: Release Date Info!

Most of you know that RE:H’s original estimated release date was  May/Spring 2019. We’re already in the second half of May, so let’s talk  about release!

Due to switching CG artists and the game’s increased size, we will not be releasing this month.  We originally had a separate CG artist, but our sprite artist Sh00 is now working on CGs–which will extend the art time but with the benefit of beautiful and a more consistent style!

The length of RE:H’s script also lengthened dramatically. You can  expect a much bigger game than we originally planned (from 100k to  likely over 200k words).

WIP Variations

Nom nom nom

So when’s our new estimated release? 

Most likely mid-summer. We're committed to making RE:H a highly polished, incredible game, and we believe it's better to release a fantastic product later than a half-finished one sooner.

We hope you all understand and will look forward to the release!

Updated Demo

We'll also be rolling out an **updated demo** soon (in the next 1-2 weeks)! It will contain:

  • New MC customization options
  • Brand-new poses and expressions for characters
  • New, official music from the soundtrack
  • Script changes to reflect some slight alterations to characters
  • New BGs
  • Updated CGs

These updates will give you a small taste of what’s to come in the full game!


Riding in luxury.

What an angry Vandal.


Heath Promo Wallpaper!

Finally, to celebrate the exciting progress, we’re also releasing a promo pic/wallpaper featuring Heath!

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Take your time, we will wait as long as necessary!

#TeamMarkus! Pls, I need

I've waited this long....


I will patiently wait for full release! Please take your time! 


ohh im excited! good luck, it already looks so incredible!


I am so excited !


Take your time, we will wait as long as necessary!


God, I can't wait


uuuuu can't wait! ^^


my body is ready


ooo goody :D


This is so gonna worth it!! im all for it. thank you so much for your hard work ;;!!