New Demo Release!

New RE:H Demo!

Exciting news: we’ve just released the new and improved demo for RE:H! 

Want to share a screenshot of your MC with us or a moment in the game that you enjoy? Tweet us @Argent_Games with the hashtag #killhollywood, and we’ll retweet it!

What’s New in the Demo?

The new demo contains many updates to what you originally saw in the Kickstarter version. We listened to your feedback to make some important changes, which are reflected both in the demo and the final game!

An overview of the shiny additions:

  • New MC customization options
  • Brand-new poses and expressions for characters
  • New music from the OST (by our talented composer Murcielo)
  • Script changes reflecting some slight alterations to characters
  • Additional BGs
  • Updated CGs
  • Bugfixes, slight changes to GUI elements to be more user friendly

If you’re curious about what’s still a WIP/not yet added to the game:

  • Stats/relationship screen (stats will be changed, character relationship bars will change to faction reputation)
  • Main menu screen (will retain format/look but become Shinier™ in the final game)
  • Extras screen (will have CGs, ending list, music box, and…something special?!)
  • New OP at end of intro will be added
  • Some potential choice edits/additions

More Stuff!

As a reminder–the release of RE:H is still 2-3 months away, but it’s not too early to get hyped!

Want to use one of our free wallpapers or icons to show your support? More will come in the future, too!

Adding RE:H to your wishlist on Steam also helps us immensely, even if you don’t intend to get it there! When RE:H launches, our visibility on Steam’s store page will be affected by how many players have wishlisted us! (You’ll also get notified on release.)


Finally, don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Discord–and if you’d like to check out some of our other games, you can see them on our website!

Thanks again for all your support! We’re working as hard as we can to make RE:H the best experience it can possibly be.


[DEMO] [PC/Linux] Red Embrace: Hollywood 331 MB
Version 4 May 27, 2019
[DEMO] [Mac] Red Embrace: Hollywood 314 MB
Version 5 May 27, 2019
[DEMO] [Android] Red Embrace: Hollywood 281 MB
Version 7 May 27, 2019

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I really love this game so much I can't wait for the full game and to buy it

I love that you are releasing the game later rather than rushing it, leaving it half finished

I do think adding eye shapes to the MC would be amazing and more one more feminine hairstyle.  I couldn't really tell the difference between my male and female MC

But apart from that this game is perfect 👌

Please keep developing it. I will most likely be the first buyer when the full game comes out

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I'm really enjoying this updated version. Normally I kind of tease and pick on Heath, but this time, I decided to go the full tormented vampiress route as an Iscari in the first playthrough of the updated demo.  Heath is interesting and I can tell that his route will give me plenty of feels. 

Overall, I'm liking how the lines have subtly changed and the artwork is enhanced, it's all beautiful.

What I'm most looking forward to, besides how my behavior gets me to the top of the food chain or killed, is the option of a human pet. That sounds super fun!!

I'm so eager to throw my money at this game, it's pathetic.


I love it! Can't wait to play full game! Already added it to my Steam wishlist! <3 


I played the demo 3 times today. Wound up in each house once. My favorite by far is Golgotha. I love being a crazy person.

I'm looking forward to how the full game ends up.

One thing I noticed, sometimes when skipping dialogue on Android the game will freeze for a few seconds then the screen will go black. The music and sound effects still play. The only way I've found around it is to swipe it out of the currently running screen and pulling it back up. The progress isn't lost though which is good.


Oooh, update! I really like the expanded dialogue options - particularly the addition of more neutral options during Heath's introduction.

One note: If you set different earrings in each ear on the MC's sprite, they become inverted in the CGs. For example, type 1 in the right ear and type 2 in the left on the sprite becomes type 2 in the right ear and type 1 in the left in the CG.


Thanks for the bug report!

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Words can't describe how much i love this game (especially the art and music - omggg so beautiful ♥) Thank you for your hard work Argent Games!