Progress update: Markus' route almost complete! OST nearly finished, CG teasers!

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Programming progress

Heath's route is complete, Common route is almost done, and Markus' route will be finished in the next week! Up next will be Randal's route!

OST progress

Just two tracks left before the OST is finished! Our fantastic composer Murcielo is adding the final touches that will bring RE:H's dark world to life.

CG progress

Several CGs have just been completed, and Sh00 is hard at work on the rest! Here are some WIPs and teasers...

Ask Answers

Thanks for all the questions folks have been submitting in our Ask Box at the AG blog! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Has Markus ever loved someone after being turned into a vampire?

A: Of course–Markus loves many people, just in his own unique way.

Q: How are the mature scenes going to work? Will there be specific choices that lead you to those scenes or is it going to be a skip option kind of thing?

A: To trigger any mature scenes, MC must a) be in a romantic relationship with the chosen character, and b) also agree to/suggest intimacy. The choice is made quite apparent, and no other requirements are needed.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 15 possibility, how mature and shocking will the routes be?

A: Fifteen, but not in the ways one might expect.

Q: Will any of the worldbuilding from the first Red Embrace be retconned in Hollywood or is all the canon still canon?

A: Yes, the worldbuilding is still canon! There are large and small references to RE, including some details that might put an interesting spin on events in the original game.

Some endings in RE:H will make the events of the original RE impossible for various reasons, but it’s completely up to the player to decide which game is ultimately “canon”. For all we know, the original Red Embrace might be Markus’ fanfiction that he wrote up on a typewriter while business was slow.

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